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I write with humble. I scribble with passion. I doodle with emotions.


Friday, September 30, 2011

Wall Makeover.

I have a dull laundry wall.

It makes me bored.

Wallpaper is expensive.

So, I cut a lots of  paper circles.

And paste it like this. 

Now, I am very excited to do laundry!

Oh, I did the same to my toilet wall too!

I have a happy awe-bathroom now.


And important note :
I fell down a ladder while pasting it.
And hit my backbone badly.
I did MRI and shows that I have damaged my back bone.
Now, I have to undergo lots of Physiotherapy at Prince Court.
Padan muka sama saya.

Please do take care of safety while doing kerja tukang. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

MTV Wedding Video by Us!

Our wedding MTV video... 

It is a blast to have all family members sang with us .

It is fun to see all kiddos dancing and try to sang along the song.

It is a happy moments to see all atuk, maktok, makcik, pakcik, kezen miming the songs.

I kind of loving it!! :) It makes me happy! :)

Do click here to watch the video.   (Pswd : yaya)

Some of them maybe tak hafal lagu. But it is ok. As long as they are very sporting to sing and danceee with us!!! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Of anak

Kekadang nak
Kekadang xnak.

Kekadang takut.
Kekadang excited.

Kekadang risau.
Kekadang overconfident.

Kekadang malas.
Kekadang rajin.

Apa apa pon. perut saya dah buncit.


Buncit makan.
Bukan buncit anak.