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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Today, I learned a lot. I hear a lot. and I cried a lot too. I cried not because of the burden that i have to carry nor the broken hearts of loves BUT the surroundings people who have a very good tendency of not talking the TRUE which is famously call - LIARS.

Lie could categorized in lots aspects. Lie of politicians, lie of children to elders, a lie to get moneyy, lie of loves and list could never stops. Because in this earth, lying happens to be most IMPORTANT.

I have four story to share.


First, is the story of an alim-sharifah girl who has a bf of non-syed. But she, herself is more interested in syed. Thus, she make up a story that her family is only interested a syed as her husband and instead found her a syed konon of his parents choice but the truth is that man is her bloody CHOICE. Lie!!~ Liee!!!~


Second. This man tunang with this girl at Indon. On the same time, he tunang with a girl at Sarawak. Planning to get marry both of them which I dont know when. But, not planning to tell the girls. Pity the girl. Dah kawen baru tahu laki kawen 2. har har har.. Damn Damn!


Third. This man always lie to me. Thinks that Im too stupid to believe of all his story. Bloody hell!!~.


Fourth. (Rather use person A and person B). A loves B. B loves A. But A is ego. A thinks he is good enough to find others, much better than B. B always waits and forgives B. A goes to B when bored, leave B when happy. B knows A loves B although A always lie to B. But A couldnt realizes that he loves B much as B do to A. Stupidity and egois is A. A may find others because B dont care anymore, because B know, A will come back. Yeahhh!!~


I wonder where honesty goes?. Where bloody sincerity hide?. Where is the pureness of heart?. I wonder what will happen to this world full of lies.....

Only Allah may forgives what they did.

p/s: Dont ever dare to ask who is the person behind the story to me.

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