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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beijing anyone?

I have 2 free-and-easy tickets to Beijing that is valid until October 2011.

It is worth RM1000.

And I am giving it away..

Anyone interested...?

Monday, January 17, 2011

MC And Chilles..

I have another a week of MC and I couldn't rest still at home but to go to office today. Otak cramp duk rumah lama2 wey!

As soon as I jejak my office, I met my senior engineer. He is an Australian.

"Hey Yaya, how are you?"
"Good and healthy.. :)"
"Great, I need you to send me the report of PS22ST1 drilling. I need to show it to our big boss of your performance"

Nodded. And went to my desk. As usual, pagi2 bukak email and fulamak! 102 unread mails.

I was about to read my first mail when another Indonesian engineer came to me.
"You are back! Everything's Ok?"
" Oh yes! I am doing super great today"
"Ok. Come to my office now, would like to discuss with you regarding xxx.. "

After 1hr discussion, terserempak my mentor, he is a Scotland guy.
"You doing good?"
"Doing great!"
"Good! I saw your MBAL simulation. Its great! Lets discuss after lunch"

And bosses and senior engineer kept on coming to me giving me LOADDSS of work. Thank you very much.

Ok Takpe. Its technical, and me loving it. Because I learned a lot!!! Tapi, errr.. hurm agak2 laa nak bagi kerja pown!

I vomited again just now. I am tired. Padan muka...


I am hot like pepper. 

On the other hand, with regards to this post, OMG! The famous Datin Lynda Rahim gave our entry a short review! I was dancing of joy noticing how she appreciate it as much as I do.. :)

The contest as stated it their terms and condition, it is 30% by jury and 70% via online voting. Well friends, me no famous like others. My blog did not have any fans. And my facebook friend not as many as others too. So, I have no high hopes of winning. Furthermore, both of us are going outstation next week. I will be going to AD while he's going to Tawau. We have a limited time to promote our post.

So kawan2,
Can you pleaseeee pleaseeeee pleaseeeeee "like" our pages starting on 21th January 2011. Pleaseeeeeeee.. :)


Sunday, January 16, 2011

How I Met You for CST & Lynda Rahim

My Sayang did something special for me. So freaking in loveeeeeeeeeeeeee!! And both of us decided to use it for CST Production & Lynda Rahim Contest yang OMG! Best gilaa!

So we chose The Dream of Love Story which is based on our real story. This is actually how he try to seduce me dulu dulu. And how dare he called me Aci India. ergh! :)

Here it goes. Enjoy!

Oh by the way, starting 21th January, can you please support us by clicking "like" here? :). As mention, this actually for a contest of CST and Linda Rahim.

In order to vote for us, please click here and vote for no 111....

Thank you!!!!

Wedding Dress

The thing about me is.. I don't really fancy french lace or songket or italy lace or apa apa..

But only for this, I fall in love..

I heart the last picture even moreee!!

I am Aiswara Rai........ *dreaming*

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mood Changed.

Spot something different?

Comell kannnn.... :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Wedding Progress

I was so excited to see Marion's Wedding. And even more excited to see her stairs!

Kaching Kaching! Lets DIY and see what happened. Jadi ke x? err..

Current Mode : 
- DIYed 1000 pcs of doorgift. Another 300 pcs to go!
- VVIP  Card - 50 pcs more to go.
- VIP Card and Wedding Card are yet to design.
- Khusus Khawin - Will attend this weekend.


Ive been vomiting again. No fun!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Not because I was avoiding "work" (I would hardly call blogging work!), but I would easily classify the month of December and January to have been the most crazy, hectic, chaotic month of my life. With workloads, kerja kawen, travelling, etc.

On exactly January 3, I was admitted to the hospital. I have been vomited again and again and I have a painful stomach ache. I just came back from offshore trip at Labuan to observe drilling and the very next day arriving in KL, I got sick again.

AGAIN, vomiting for girl doesn't mean the girl are expecting okeyh!

On January 4, I had my appendix removed. I had a Deja Vu recently that I will lose my right hand, tapi appendix yang hilang. Thank GOD. I was released 2 days after and spent the entire night throwing up again. Sebab gatal nak round2 satu hospital lepas kena operate.

Somehow, I think I am Meredith in Grey Anatomy masa kena derma hati to her father whilst I am donating my appendix to some one else. Eh? Ada ka orang nak?

I could not even LAUGH!!!

2 weeks MC. And I am off to Abu Dhabi.