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Friday, August 27, 2010

What does MERDEKA means to you?

Truly speaking, MERDEKA means nothing to me. I never be a fan of any of our history book. Including Malaysia Studieess!!!. What I know about Merdeka means holiday! which I can go back balik kampung or there will be concert and bunga api in any dataran around Malaysia. Yeah! Saya anak Malaysia murtad.

So why suddenly occured to me to talk about merdeka? Meroyan kah? No!

I was sitting, watching TV and I realizes, 4 days to Merdeka, why I fell eerr empty? Macam there is no patriotism around me. I still remembered when in my 90's, our parents will hang that little Malaysia flag at top corner of theirs car. Betul kan? Some even put every states of flags or even some, they will stick that flags covered all over the car. Like macam celen to each other who having the most flags on the car. Right?

Its interesting to see all of that you know! Macam gila happening. Then, there is a convoy, where some will painting their faces, holding merdeka flag, honking the car, shouting MERDEKA all over the places. Its fun to see that! Its like, we Malaysian cherish the moment of BEBAS!

This year, ekk worst! I dont see any Malaysia flags or even Merdeka songs at any shopping complexs. All is about raya raya raya! more. I dont know la if you guys see or hear any of Merdeka flag or songs. But me, no!.


To those who read my blog, since there is not much awareness about MERDEKA, and since I cannot afford to give any flags to Malaysian (konon charity) or to be a DJ at any radio station or complexess, and since we are living in this IT world , why not we take a moment and write what does MERDEKA really means to you? Its not a contest by the way yea! Just to show our gratitude to our Malaysia that have give us peace, harmony and 1Malaysia.Oh yeah! Its a common question, but it commands and demands us to think carefully on the answer. The word Merdeka might mean so little or so much, depending on the person.

So here what Merdeka means to me. This gonna be a long post. Nyeh nyeh!

This post is totally inspired by the article that we need to mesmerize during Malaysia Studies.
You see, my dad is a Palembang + Arab. My mum, is a non-bumiputera, who is also an Arabian. I have no Malay blood in me, but however, my IC stated I am a Malay.

People who met me, will always not satisfied if I claimed myself, I am a Malay. I just smiled. They love to speaks english thinking I am a tourist from other country with me until I bukak my kecek utara. Pak Gad UTP never summons me since they think I am a foreign student. Unfortunately, makcik cafe suka charged me nasik lebih2.

I am very proud to be a Malay or even a Malaysian!

First, we are 1Malaysian. We have Malay, Chinese, Indian and others who live in a harmonious environment where we respects each other religion and culture.We have freedom! We celebrate each other festivals without avail.

Second, we are well equipped with all facilities that we have.

Third, we are moving foward everyday . we are in a high-technological age

And most importantly, we are VERY fortunate that we are practically free from natural disasters

We are blessed to be a Malaysian.

So as we are shouting Merdeka! Merdeka! and Merdeka!, what does Merdeka means to you? Write it and let me know! It will be fun!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My wedding budjet!

Ohh my. Now I know, wedding can be very expensive.

I freak out when I see the total. *pengsan*

I've been minimized everthing! EVERYTHING! and yet, the total seems not doing nice to me.  *sigh*. 

If you think I might be spending to those silly things. You are absolute wrong!. I am very fussy when it comes to money. I wont spend my money to un-necessary things. Well sharing is caring, I want you guys to know how a wedding cost can be very high.

Here is my budjet:

Look, I wont be having any vendors for pelamin, decorations and so.Mum and I will be doing it ourselves. And I saved 3 to 5k for this.

Bedroom? I did not need any new furniture. Paint? Maybe or maybe not. Again, mum diy-ed all bed sheets, and curtain. I will be diy the decorations. I saved 2-4 K.

If you send it to any vendors, they may charge you around 70rm for each dulang.For myself. I will be having around 13. So kira la, 13 times 70 equals RM910?
Diy : RM300.

Akad Nikah, my Grandma from Mekah dah bagi. Save few hundreds.
Gown, its already in my pre-wedding packages.
Tandang, KIV.

This we may need a caterer. RM8 per head. Since it is in Penang, I think, its already cheap!. Kalau kat KL, terbeliak ok, semua above RM13/head.

DIY again. Save few hundreds.

OK. I admit. Im gonna to spend a lot in this. Sorry to say, I dont mind spending here a lot. Precious things that happens, pictures of your family etc etc. Everything needs to be captured. I want it to be long lasting, so that my future cucu and cicit can see all my photos and video. Sweet kan? So when I pay more, I expects more.

Will you still claiming me spending to silly things?

Let me clear you of one thing, I did not mean to show off my total budjet. It still in midst ok! The total can increase or descrease. What I want to say is, wedding is expensive. Sila simpan duit dari sekarang. Heh!

Roger and out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If you are above 18teen, you may read this.

Please answer my question.

Is medical checkup for offshore (overseas), for men, do they really ermm hurmm.. masturbate to get their sperms checked?

I wonderrr.. hurm! Apa diorang actually nak check for that "thing" eh?

Keganasan activity sperm? atau kelajuan sperm bergerak? ehh !

Sorry if too melalut here but hey I WANT TO KNOW!

Alrite, here is the story. I went to KLCC Medical Centre yesterday to do some medical checkup. And ada satu group of men dekat situ which they are going to do offshore medical checkup which they claimed they will be going to Russia.

I did my offshore medical checkup too. One of it, kena buat urine test. Ada long que (that group of men-6 actually) that I have to wait. Its not a que actually, they will call your name and you will be escorted. I waited betul2 infront of the toilet. Lamaaaa gilaa, one man out, berpeluh-peluh. Satu lagi masuk, 10minutes macamtu, then kuar senyum2 pulak. So I was thinking, takkan nak urinate pon amik 10 mins? Pelik!. Until the last one masuk, 15 minutes. And dia kuar from the toilet, telling his friends, "Weyhh susah gila nak kuar!".


OK.. Am I otak jenis blue or they actually did "it"?

If betul, means my theory is CORRECT. But if salah, my BRAIN is totally DAMAGE.

Tapi diorang pergi ke toilet for the second time, and this time is actually very fast!. Which I assumed it is for urine.

Oh yeah, one more thing, diorang x puasa which also proves my theory is still correct.

Tolong jawap!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Its all about...

I've been actively blogwalking around bride to be blog for 2 months now. I know. Saya Gedik'in and Gatai'in nak kawen. Ahh, biarlaaa!

I never  thought actually there is such b2b bride. Mmg x sangka!!. I was googling about veil (I guess lah) till I found this interesting, informative blog from this just-be-a-lady. She's utpiannn too okai! woot!!

They shared about flower centerpiece, photographer, videographer, food, doorgift, tok kadi, venue and macam macam lah which I think most of you, my friend, will not be interested NOW. Tgklah nanti nak dekat2, you will be like bridezilla monkey for you weds.

So, they did also shared their engangement parteh! And I felt like I want too. Again gedik'innn.

So here is my 1-1-10 E-day. As for your info, we did everything by ourselves. But unfortunately, we x snap lots of picture of our masterpieces. *rugi rugi*.

And yea, my e-day maybe tak grand like others or maybe some of you in future. We used everthing yang ade kat rumah including baju, deco, and others. DIY is actually a good thing, you did it by yourselves, and its TOTALLY worth it! including your ringgit!

Huk huk huk. My theme colour, cream + brown. Which is also sama from his side. (Totally blame my fiance yang x nak langsung berbincang)

Our hantaran.
13 balas 15. Banyakkkk kan? My side :

This cake handmade by my mum.

Sireh junjong.

One of it.

This is what happen if you tak discuss about your theme colour.
You cant see any difference whether it is from us or theirs.
So please discuss!

This is actually from them.
Half of.

My Pelamin
Actually there is no need any pelamin2 for engangement. But I insisted. Gedik'in 100 times. And I want it as light and simple as possible.

So my idea is letak then tali2 yang panjang2 yang sedia ada kat my room, make my self a bantal for me tu duduk and a flower as a deco.

The only thing that I bought for my E day is actually the tempat duduk punya kain which I asked my mum to jahit. Inside it is actually cushion sofa.
Total spent for pelamin : RM5.

My Guest
I only invited my closed family and also a few of my freind. If you see ramai, my family is already 200 people excluding friend.

Introduce you my atuks yang sempoi2. All cucu2 panggil habib.



I'm very dissapointed actually with my makeup other than taking a photographer for my E-day.
Macam opera cina actually. *sobs*

Selendang is from my grandma (Kitaorang panggil her hababa)
Baju is actually from my aunt from Abu Dhabi.
Total Spent : err, makeup je, RM200 (pffttt)!

*ohh my single*

Last but not least

Happily enganged for 8 months now.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saya Smallville.

Pergi this interview for a part time job at McDonalds. Lama dah, a month ago I think. So jumpa this kerek aunty a.k.a supervisor yang perasan cun dan bagus sgt. Whenever I answered her question, she will made this muka yang macam nak kena lenyek ngan my kereta kelisa. Kerja fast food restaurant je pon kut! Gaji 800++ and ask me question macam nak jadi manager. So I fed up. And near to the end, dia tanya...

"What is your biggest weaknesses"

and I answered.


Aunty kerek buat muka pelik.  "What is kreptotonat?"

and me replied with big sengih on my face.

"Its means very committed to work which is no good. You see I blah blah blah blah" *Kelentong dgn confident*

DIAAA PERCAYAAAAAAA OKKKKK!!!!! Rasa nak tergelak guling2. Tapi tahannnnnn..

Then dia tanya lagi..

"Why do you want to work here, you got degree"

"Because of krabbypatty(I made sound like konon macam high vocab) . Kerabipattieses means you are not choosy into work"

(It sounds like budak bodo cakap kan? But geram nak mampus punya pasal dekat aunty nie)
Dia nganga. "You english is very good liao"

Ok series.I burst into laughter yang gila.

This aunty makes weird face."Why you laugh laugh"

"I always laugh laugh. Happy happy liao"

Annnnnnndddd *drumrolls*

I got the job with flying colours!

kih kih kih.

kesian aunty tuh. Tuh laa sombong lagik!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Im in KL right now. Day dreaming alone in my aunt house. Doing nothing. And suddenly....

I called my fiance, forcing him to bring all his office stationery.
good boy he did. :)

This is all what I need.

Cut the paper into pieces.

 And hereee.. Flash card for si Faqeh. To learn ABC.

I made this last friday.
For the sake of taking picture of my awesome product,
I tried to find the flash card.
Faqeh just loves to play hide and seek.
I just found one in his toodle car.
Two below the cupboard.
One below the sofa.
Three on the table.
And one in the REFRIGERATOR.

and I gave up searching.
Hanya dalam gambar tu je yang mampu dicari.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kayaapp oh Kamu!

Herpes Zoster.
I am a virus.
My mom is ChickenPox.
When mum died 20 years ago,
I've been evolving myself in dermis independently.
I am a virus who always fall in love with dermis.

 As you can see,
When both of us react to one another,
We will produce blister on the skin.
This is the sign of our loves.

Our loves equal to pain.
This include fever, headache and ache.
Since the person immune system is impaired,
We are just happily to spread our territory all over the skin.

Herpeves can kill me.
It needs to take one tablet for every 4 hrs.
But now its Ramadhan.
And I think I wont suffer much.
And will live happily ever after with dermis.


Please beware with Job Scam

I was doing some of job research untill I was shocked by this JOB SCAM. If you did job hunting, there is some of the company will asked you to include your personal data online instead of sending the email. ada pernah occur x?

Well, here is how theft scam involved. They will hack the companies data security, find out all our personal details. Then a human resources director will sent along a promising e-mail that they are interested in you. They will want you to complete the Application form once again for the interview session. (This is still normal)

The application form includes your age, height, weight, Social Security number, bank account numbers, even your mother’s maiden name. It was all just an elaborate identity theft scam designed to prey on the most vulnerable potential victims which is us desperately mau kerja.

But please be sure that, THERE WILL BE NO COMPANY WILL ASK FOR YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS AND SSN. This will only happens for your first day work where you need to fill in again all your personal details which include your bank account number for your monthly salary. (x letak means kang nanti x dpt gaji). Ingat hanya berlaku masa first day kerja, bukan masa dpt offer letter!Some company will even asked you to open a new account for salary purposes.

Oh yea, do not be fooled too if they have sent you the 3-10 pages of agreement letter.

Ini tips if you get red flags.

  • Request for bank account numbers.
  • Request for Social Security number (SSN).
  • Request to "scan the ID" of a job seeker, for example, an IC or drivers' license. Scam artists will say they need to
  • scan job seekers' IDs to "verify identity." This is not a legitimate request.
  • A contact email address that is not a primary domain. For example, an employer calling itself "Omega Inc." with a Yahoo! email address.
  • Misspellings and grammatical mistakes in the job ad.
  • Monster.com lists descriptive words in job postings that are tip-offs to fraud. Their list includes "package-forwarding," "money transfers," "wiring funds," "eBay," and "PayPal." World Privacy Forum researchers also found that the terms "Foreign Agent Agreement" often appears in contracts and emails sent to job seekers.  
 You can click here for more information.

Duit is everything sekarang ni.. Sigh!

Ice cream Hijau

*entry 1 month ago*

Green tea ice cream is always my favourite.
Love haagen daz green tea very much.
Tapii.. oncost itu tidak memuaskan.

Loves to lepak dekat sushi queen just for matcha.
(ohh sekarang dah ada kat sushi king. check it out)
My fiancee freak gila bila SK serves green tea ice cream sekarang. la la la
TAO also ada but certain je. pelik!
Ohh yea, if you notice ada yang jual cone type for RM2.50, ada jual dekat Ipoh Parade and Kinta City JJ,
err x sedap!
Kadang2, i can go for 6 scoops of matcha at one time.

So here I tried to make some.
But unfortunately, too much sweetened milk and green tea powder.

A. condensed milk

B. sweetened milk, green tea power.

combine A and B

you can get video instruction here


Kadang kadang..

Perkara berlaku secara COINCIDENCE.  ada paham?

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Friday, August 13, 2010

OMG! Meleleh air liur.

She is the daughter of arwah tauke keta naza tuh.
And tgk how her wedding looks like.
Cinderella kalah.
Anak Clinton tu pon kalah.

My guesS,
Her wedding must be more than 5 millions ringgit.
But a resource cakap that dulu akak dia RM15mill.
Me nak cari 10 ribu pon ternganga ok.
Seribu pon duk tergedek2.

in case tak boleh tgk. you can click here

p/s : Puan Nadia, flower-flower yang lebih2 tuh, leh tak bagi kat saya, saya x kisah pon 2nd hand.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jobless mode turn off.

First of all, Alhamdulillah. Ramadhan have do wonders to me. Received too many interviews, one to another. My rezeki had come. Yours will too. InsyaAllah.

So, I did received job offer. Two actually. One is US based company, a semiconductor company as a Process Engineer which I should be starting next week and another is public listed company in bursa saham, specialized in Oil and Gas as a Design Engineer. I will reveal the company name soon. Both salary are somehow similiar and good.

But somehow, I received a phone call from another Oil and Gas Company in KLCC. (Not Petronas) for an interview next week and I am so looking foward for that.

Lets talk about the offer rather than benda yang masih kabur. So, this two company have their pro and cons.

This semiconductor company is huge. You may travel alot overseas depends on your performance. The working environment is excellent and loving it. You may learn many new things there. Importantly, its nearby home. Disadvantages, my chemical process plant knowledge is limited there.

The second one is also a huge company. You can apply your knowledge and skills here but it wont berkembang. Sebab you akan buat tu jeee slalu. Macam fydp. This company and my fiance office sangat-sangat dekat. Jalan kaki je k!. Disadvantages, the working environment average.

Friends suka tanya, kenapa x kerja Esso je. Well, it will be in my next post.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I went to Bukit Ampang and brought KAYAP as a souvenirs.

It hurts and dangerous.
Ia merebak dengan cepat.
If not treatable, and the initial point meet the end point.
 It can cause DEATH.

Yes it is!

Pray me strong2.

p/s: Lain kali bila ke tempat yang macam jin tendang, sila baca ayat Quran banyak. Ni syok detin smp tak hingat. PADAN MUKA!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Pucca is funny yet loyal.
And she is the most strongest among all.
Abyo pon kalah.

Must watch!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I think I just witnessed flash mob.

We went to Bora Ombak for fine dinner after came down from Bukit Ampang. So, as we were there sitting annoying each other, tiba-tiba, a large amount of people all around the restaurants pergi depan and dance grooving to the music. People here I mean not youngster as seen in previous video, but age around our parents. Sehhh!!!!!! I just talk about flashmob few days back and there, berlaku depan mata sendiri tanpa sedar. Like a dream comes true.

Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Seronok!

Personally, saya jugak mahu berjoget-joget dengan pakcik-pakcik dan makcik-makcik semua.

Kami?? No komen.


Now lets talk about Bukit Ampang. For the first time, after 2 years of memujuk si bangla tua ni untuk ke sini, I managed to come here. Woot woot!

Haiiyyaahh!! Kedebushh kedebushhh!! Deserve this for making me crazy falling in love with you. 


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Esok saya ada Interview.

Saya suka macaroons. Bagi saya, ia sempoi. Bagi saya, ia sedap. Bagi saya, ia fun.


Makcik timah, makcik bedah, kak long, kak cik, dan sekalian sekalian di kampung halaman saya hanya makan kuih pelita, kuih serimuka, kuih melaka, kuih tepung talam dan sewaktu dengannya.

image by newlywedsbigday

Terpaksa KIV.


Doctor, kamu boleh check penyaket saya tak?

Saya sedang mengalami osteoporosis.

Do I spell it right?

I'm having bad saket tulang belakang, disebabkan tuan punya badan yang sangat malas mahu begerak. Tulang saya memerlukan pelincir. Pelincir cap kerja engineer can do wonders to my bones.

Saya juga sedang mengalami penyakit brokedosis. This disease can only be discrimate by every monthly pay cheque.

Dan juga boringtosis, yang telah menyebabkan pengumpulan lemak-lemak tepu di badan. Penyakit ini sudah ke tahap serius. I need  doses of 2200calories of work each day.

Tolong tolong!

Yes! I need a job. Staying at home doing nothing can drives me to ultimate crazy.


Nak daftar jadi model boleh? Banyak model agency kat internet. Jurgita lah, SP-model lah, my cen , macam-macam. her her her. Merepek merepek..

Sedang belajar smile-zing through you eyes bebeh.

Nota diri sendiri : Yaya, cermin muka sendiri boleh?