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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Its all about...

I've been actively blogwalking around bride to be blog for 2 months now. I know. Saya Gedik'in and Gatai'in nak kawen. Ahh, biarlaaa!

I never  thought actually there is such b2b bride. Mmg x sangka!!. I was googling about veil (I guess lah) till I found this interesting, informative blog from this just-be-a-lady. She's utpiannn too okai! woot!!

They shared about flower centerpiece, photographer, videographer, food, doorgift, tok kadi, venue and macam macam lah which I think most of you, my friend, will not be interested NOW. Tgklah nanti nak dekat2, you will be like bridezilla monkey for you weds.

So, they did also shared their engangement parteh! And I felt like I want too. Again gedik'innn.

So here is my 1-1-10 E-day. As for your info, we did everything by ourselves. But unfortunately, we x snap lots of picture of our masterpieces. *rugi rugi*.

And yea, my e-day maybe tak grand like others or maybe some of you in future. We used everthing yang ade kat rumah including baju, deco, and others. DIY is actually a good thing, you did it by yourselves, and its TOTALLY worth it! including your ringgit!

Huk huk huk. My theme colour, cream + brown. Which is also sama from his side. (Totally blame my fiance yang x nak langsung berbincang)

Our hantaran.
13 balas 15. Banyakkkk kan? My side :

This cake handmade by my mum.

Sireh junjong.

One of it.

This is what happen if you tak discuss about your theme colour.
You cant see any difference whether it is from us or theirs.
So please discuss!

This is actually from them.
Half of.

My Pelamin
Actually there is no need any pelamin2 for engangement. But I insisted. Gedik'in 100 times. And I want it as light and simple as possible.

So my idea is letak then tali2 yang panjang2 yang sedia ada kat my room, make my self a bantal for me tu duduk and a flower as a deco.

The only thing that I bought for my E day is actually the tempat duduk punya kain which I asked my mum to jahit. Inside it is actually cushion sofa.
Total spent for pelamin : RM5.

My Guest
I only invited my closed family and also a few of my freind. If you see ramai, my family is already 200 people excluding friend.

Introduce you my atuks yang sempoi2. All cucu2 panggil habib.



I'm very dissapointed actually with my makeup other than taking a photographer for my E-day.
Macam opera cina actually. *sobs*

Selendang is from my grandma (Kitaorang panggil her hababa)
Baju is actually from my aunt from Abu Dhabi.
Total Spent : err, makeup je, RM200 (pffttt)!

*ohh my single*

Last but not least

Happily enganged for 8 months now.


Farah Justme said...

aww yaya sooo looking fwd for ur wedding! bile? x sabar rase nak tunang jgk. haha~ btw, i linked ur blog. :)

humairah said...

yaya.. nmpk ok je make up tu.. xmacam opera cina pun.. huhu~

linked your blog too..=)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

yaya! make up tu nampak cantik laaa!!

kawen nanti ajak tau. nak berkat. hahaha!!! =p

yaya said...

hahahahhaa... makeup in photo cantik.. but in real life.. errr.. hurmm.. err.. macam opera cina seriously..

confirm jemput and korang kena CONFRIM DATANG.. hehehe

omay ngan cikyah : dah link blog korang juge!

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

cantiklaaaaaaaaaa gojes gojes