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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ice cream Hijau

*entry 1 month ago*

Green tea ice cream is always my favourite.
Love haagen daz green tea very much.
Tapii.. oncost itu tidak memuaskan.

Loves to lepak dekat sushi queen just for matcha.
(ohh sekarang dah ada kat sushi king. check it out)
My fiancee freak gila bila SK serves green tea ice cream sekarang. la la la
TAO also ada but certain je. pelik!
Ohh yea, if you notice ada yang jual cone type for RM2.50, ada jual dekat Ipoh Parade and Kinta City JJ,
err x sedap!
Kadang2, i can go for 6 scoops of matcha at one time.

So here I tried to make some.
But unfortunately, too much sweetened milk and green tea powder.

A. condensed milk

B. sweetened milk, green tea power.

combine A and B

you can get video instruction here

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