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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My wedding budjet!

Ohh my. Now I know, wedding can be very expensive.

I freak out when I see the total. *pengsan*

I've been minimized everthing! EVERYTHING! and yet, the total seems not doing nice to me.  *sigh*. 

If you think I might be spending to those silly things. You are absolute wrong!. I am very fussy when it comes to money. I wont spend my money to un-necessary things. Well sharing is caring, I want you guys to know how a wedding cost can be very high.

Here is my budjet:

Look, I wont be having any vendors for pelamin, decorations and so.Mum and I will be doing it ourselves. And I saved 3 to 5k for this.

Bedroom? I did not need any new furniture. Paint? Maybe or maybe not. Again, mum diy-ed all bed sheets, and curtain. I will be diy the decorations. I saved 2-4 K.

If you send it to any vendors, they may charge you around 70rm for each dulang.For myself. I will be having around 13. So kira la, 13 times 70 equals RM910?
Diy : RM300.

Akad Nikah, my Grandma from Mekah dah bagi. Save few hundreds.
Gown, its already in my pre-wedding packages.
Tandang, KIV.

This we may need a caterer. RM8 per head. Since it is in Penang, I think, its already cheap!. Kalau kat KL, terbeliak ok, semua above RM13/head.

DIY again. Save few hundreds.

OK. I admit. Im gonna to spend a lot in this. Sorry to say, I dont mind spending here a lot. Precious things that happens, pictures of your family etc etc. Everything needs to be captured. I want it to be long lasting, so that my future cucu and cicit can see all my photos and video. Sweet kan? So when I pay more, I expects more.

Will you still claiming me spending to silly things?

Let me clear you of one thing, I did not mean to show off my total budjet. It still in midst ok! The total can increase or descrease. What I want to say is, wedding is expensive. Sila simpan duit dari sekarang. Heh!

Roger and out!


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

yaya, i totally agreed about photography n videography, itulah memori yang akan kita ada kan =) apapun kahwin memg need a cost, manada kahwin free hehe =)

humairah said...

huhu.. wedding zmn skrg mmg mahal.. kena simpan duit dari skrg la cmni.. =)

yaya said...

nora : i wish i can get a free wedding!!

omay: wajib simpan! every single thing needs moneh!