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I write with humble. I scribble with passion. I doodle with emotions.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bila Ketua Ahli Parlimen bersuara

3 days ago punya cerita

After I did my invitation cards, I book flight tickets to both my videographer and photographer, I paid huge amount of deposits, maka, si raja tiba tiba bersuara ..

"Who gives you the permission to do Akad Nikah on Friday night?" pot pet pot pet pot pet....




6 months ago punya crita.. 
 me     : "Walid, oyah (nama x berapa nak manja) nak akad nikah ari jumaat malam tau"
si Raja : Suka ati hang la. Hang yang nak kawen. Aku nak duk kat depan pintu uloq tangan pastu masuk dalam poket. (he lurve to jokes around)
me     : bereh.

yesterday phone call
mama : oyah balik penang. p bincang ngan walid pasai akad nikah.
me     : oya nak kena p labuan laaa!
mama : balik la kejap.

disebabkan si raja yang x pernah nak serious, i have to :
- take a flight from penang to KL.
- from KL straight to Kota Kinabalu transit
- from KK to Labuan.
- take chopper from labuan to West Alliances.

makk aih!

maka, dukacita di umumkan, persidangan persidangan maharajalela , maharanilela dan cikkenapaksarela akan diadakann pada ari ahad ni.

huhu... takut nak balik!

Monday, December 20, 2010

I am so proud of my hands!

I know I know! Its too early to show off. But this amoi sgt excited to share with you guys of my wedding invitation cards! Well it is only for VIP a.k.a FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY yow!

Since diorang sgt special in my life and my important guest thus special card is for them! *wink*

I know I am not thatttt creative but unfortunately I am obsessed with DIY thinggy.  It tooks me 2 full days of my weekend to this occay! Luckily my fiancee and friends so sayang me come to my rescue! :) *heart them*

So tell me what you think wey!! Ok or not?

Malu ok nak tunjuk. I know its not AWESOME. :(

It is only 50% ready! huwaaa!

ok ke?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yow Yow Wiket Wiket!

Assalamualaikum wbt,


Rakan-rakan taulian,

I am imperfect.

I have a lot of flaws.

Harap Maklum.



Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Videographer booked!

I have been cerewet about videographer since early of this year.

Sebab I have some ideas (errr alot!) that I want to do for my prewedding,

This team, me freaking in love with their work. 

Some said, dia suka lompat2 babak, but I just dont care. Why? 

Because I have a lot of crazy ideas and I know and trust only this team could pull out to be uh-maze-zing.

Well, wanna see me singing?

Lets wait!.

Monday, December 13, 2010


From all the details of wed preparation I have made.

Penat lelah maki hamun dekat diri sendiri.


I prayed to God for only one lilltle thing.
I want my marriage BLESSED, BAHAGIA AND PERFECT till anak cucu cicit.


Sunday, December 12, 2010



I turned myself to hulk this weekend. It is indeed a busy weekend for me.


I am tired. There are too much wedding stuff need to settle. And I am wayyyyyy behind the schedule.
I need to fast track everything since I'm off to laut for a month this coming christmas.


So who going to handle my weds stuff while I am away?

Of course, no one.


I am another 900 cranes to lipat.
I havent attend khusus kahwin yet.
I havent book tok kadi yet.
I havent book catering yet
I havent book canopy yet.
I havent find tandang dress yet.
I havent mandi yet. Eh?

Errr... hurmm.

Wedding stuff is stressfull!!! Or life after weds going to be 10 times extra stressfull?


I want to cry!
I need comfort.



Monday, December 6, 2010

Puan Yaya To Be

In 5 months...

We are getting married!

and to be with him is TOTALLY worth it!

27-28th May 2011
Simpang Ampat, Penang

4th June 2011
Rantau Panjang, Kelantan

Coming soon the OFFICIAL invites!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Sick!

I'm not good at being sick because I hate being stuck in bed with nothing to do

Ohh, I have been vomitting like crazeh (on period. not pregnant) because of the gastric.

So I've been spending myself trying to make myself pretteh.

This is what I did for my resume pikture.

Give me a bang!
Too bad, no hair saloon wanted cut my hair to this.

lady gagah version mak nyah?


doing all this makeover, reminds me with a photoshot i had with friend.
its rock cap ayam bebeh.

it is fun  to try something new and have a blast with it.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I've been moody all week long. I am not in a good mood all day. I am stress of too many works to do. I am SUPER DUPER stress with benda benda kahwin yang I dont even hope to care. Been posted 2 angry post. My hormone are in topsy-turvy. Blame my period.

I am on rush today. Today jugak laa I have to settle my credit card registration. And today jugak laa Presiden of Laos nak datang KLCC.  So what he came, I dont give a damn. But, because of him, I need to take a long way to the complex instead of the short way. Amboiii laa!

 I have been wondering about thesee politician job description. What I understand, all they need to do is to make US easy and to make Malaysia one of the top country. Full Stop.

Tapi, yang asal ko datang je, kena siap carpet merah, asal ko nak datang je, kena plan 3 bulan sebelum, kena bagi makan best, tutup jalan tu, tutup jalan ni, menyusahkan rakyat, etc etc.. what theee heckk! kerja ko buat tu bukan bagus sgt. you all pon bukan genius mana pon. gaji you all pon, gaji boss i 2-5 kali banyak dari you. Oh lupa, you makan duit rakyat banyak, sebab tu korang kaya. wtf.


Who are you and who tell you to actually gain all this benefits haaa? I dah laa kena duk kena byr income tax every month, nak beli fast food kena tax, nak beli kereta kena tax, semua kena tax, and all the tax are going to you Mr! and yet, we, rakyat, still have to serve you macam kuli so that you senang lenang. you cakap je apa you nak, bantal lembut? makan satay? aircond sejuk? red carpet? duit rakyat? perempuan murah? kita bagi.

kitaorang byr gaji u, kitaorang plak kena serve you. Podacit!

who create this rule of thumb hah???!!!


tapi saya still sayang dekat Mahathir. dia datang x payah pon red carpet.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Caspesian Sea

Murphy sent me to the sea. And good thing is, they sponsored me everthing. The best one, they provide me a suite hotel!!

Freaking in love with the hotel. Tapi, I couldnt spenTt much dalam bilik and groom and make myself macam tuan puteri. I need to be on the boat at 5.30 am and back at 8 pm. 2 hrs travelling on the sea. Best ok!

This is Caspesian Sea. A hugeeee ship. I feel like I am in Titanic ship.

So, kalau nak naik ship, you have to used basket transfer. The mostt exhilirating for me to do! siap suruh the cable man pusing I satu ship lagi. Gilaaa best!

And oh my god, the fish dalam laut, gilaaaaaa THOUSANDDDSSSS of them. you can see them in one troop banyak2, macam pulau perhentian. weeee! And I met dophin yaw!

I can see sunset and sunrise everyday.How I wish Abdillah was there dekat tepi and beromantik each other...

The operator sana pon best. Oh yea, laksa sarawak are simply sedapp gilaaa dan teh beng diorang awesome! Tried this with Inot.

:). Freaking in love with the sea. Cant wait next month!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wedding Progress!

I am in merajuk mode.

Sobs! -_-

Anyhowwwwws, lama x update pasal kawin.. Ohh yeah, less than 7 months to go!

Since my mum and I gonna to DIY everthing, there is still a lot of things to be done. *sigh*. (Orang kedekut yang sentiasa nak saving saving)

November Progress:
Bunga Telur.
Im luving it! 25 done. 60 more to go!
Hopefully, we can finish it up end of November. Huhuhuhu.

Oh my, I'm very very happy as I found this one kedai yang jual bunga OMG murah gila! I have been stressing a lot sebab I've been to Nilai 3, Shah Alam, Ampang, Rawang and all are selling flower very expensive!

Think, 1 bunch RM12.90, I want minimum 30 bunch, around RM400, untuk bunga sahaja. Mati.

Photographer and Videographer
Can someone suggest me any ?? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Baru abis jahit curtain. Huk huk huk.

ok cukup untuk bulan november. :)

pfftfttt: Ohh my,nak khawin itu stress. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Technip, anyone?

I had a lunch with Process Manager Technip just now, so we talk and talk and talk and tiba2 he offers me a job there. Heee! Shell pon tiba2 call tanya dah kerja ke blom 2 days ago? Apekah??

Rezeki rezeki rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

But unfortunately, I have to decline since I've already fall in love with Murphy. he he he.

Ok back to our lunch earlier.

I told him that a few of my friends is still unemployed and still looking for a job, if he would be kind enough to hired them (my friend).Then dia bising with the bonding with PETRONAS. I explain him not to worry because some of them have been released by PETRONAS and some, the recomendation period will be end soon. So there is no way they will be going to PETRONAS back.

Then dia bising of UTP student being fussy with the salary. Err for your info, gaji technip agak sikit compared to other O&G company. I explained lagi, not to worry, most of my friends are looking forward for technical and challenging environment. They are very ecstatic and enthusiast. As long as you can provide them a challenging environment, I dont think so they will be hesitate to work with your organization. (Pepandai aku je kan?)

I can see his face brighten up.

I added, "You dont have to worry, they are all very excellent, CGPA are all above 3. They all are just bonded with PETRONAS .. thats all. And you can give them a try by interview. "

And he gave me his bussiness card. Wuhuuu!!

Oii.. Penat ok pujuk orang tua nih. Kalau dpt technip, sila belanja Chilis!

You can always PM me in facebook since I dont think so it is appropriate for me to put his email address in my blog. :)

p/s : I told you all of this sebab would like to let you know, how a company are very insecure to take a UTP student. No more than that.

Sape-sape yang rasa boleh cari sendiri, silakan. Saya tolong2 saja.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anak dato? Oh Puhlease!

semenjak menjak nak kawen, everyday i workout ok! g gym every morning at 6.30 am and pm, but after gym, menkedarah nasi lemak x ingat. 200 cal out , 500 cal in. conclusion : result yang sungguh lagi memberangsangkan. la la la

note: menkedarah : makan x ingat ingat.

so in the shower gym, i met this one lady, agak poyo but agak cun dan agak hot. ok fine. Biasalaa, if you met new people basically, confirm you will smile, buat muka konon friendly and blah, kadang2 friendly talk watsoever that is relevan. This is what i did for this amoi. I smiled at her, tapi ampeh, she replied with mukaaa mmg macam pisang kena lenyek.

ok fineeeeeee!!! maybe dia tak nampak this cute face tgh senyum dekat dia.

i did my shower and went to my locker which is coincidentally my locker infront of this amoi. kuarkan all my deodarant, bedak, all those thing including my fair and lovely cream. biasalaa.. muka hitam kena bagi putih bila time2 nak kawen macamni.

so tgh angkat tangan, sedap pakai deodarant, this lady ni plak tiba2 approach me, "Hi! I am Shakira Dato Razali."(bukan nama sebenar). ye tak pon nak buat friendly, cuba laa approach time elok2 sikit. ni tgh angkat ketiak pakai deodorant kut and wtf i care about your bapak dato?

alright alright! fine!

I was like to reply  " Hi, I'm Shariffah Tan Sri Paduka Baginda Prof Dr Syed Hussin" when I realized buat apa layan this minah kerek . And I just replied, "Hello, Im Shariffah" instead.

and dia tanya where I work, my position, my status bla bla bla and bla. She is an accontant.

ok abis sembang. and its time for me to apply my fair and lovely cream when tiba2 this amoi datang balik "ehh you, pakai fair and lovely je, no wonder muka you banyak jerawat" with smirking face " I pakai XX , bagus you tau, tgk muka I". ehhhhh! how dare dia insult my fair and lovely and my jerawat!"

XX - jenama yang agak pames dan sgt mahal

agak cil**a kan?

so dgn selamba dan dgn muka terkejut "Ohhh my god, you use thiss productt!!! You must not hear the news, it is proven to give you cancer in minimum 5 years time!,".

since dia accountant. and since she knows I am chemical engineer.

"You see, (sambil tunjuk ingredients), back in university we did a research, using FTIR it says it is proven contain metylparaben (apa ntah i merepek masa tu) and we test it to rat, and it dies in 2 months time!"

NOTE: methyl paraben is a chemical that is truly will cause you cancer with maximal usage according to US research (this t6pic is actually my technical presentation during PCS). tapi part yang buat research2 tuh menipu je.

you should see this amoi face. red and shock!

it is not actually my intention to lie. but tolong laa! not everyone in this earth are as fortunate as you. able to buy fancy clothes, branded handbags and cosmetics. beli laa as many as you want, we dont mind, but please, dont show off! people will love you as long you are humble and down to earth

i wonder why this lady nak show off, bila dah terang terangan i make more money than her?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kisah mortar ku !

This is what happen when you are overexcited of jumping and throwing your mortar up in your convocations.

Is it something of adat atau fashion terkini or anything that cause this baling2 jadi satu of thingy yang famous? But whatever it is, I am one of them throwing and jumping until berpeluh2 and the weird thing is, I DONT CARE!. lantak laa tgh panas pon, sweating with that thick robe, penat, lenguh, terseliuh kaki, masuk longkang, lapar.. photo mau ada!

cuba kalau my mum suruh g beli gula dkt pasar tgh hari.. konpem reject!

Anyway, write less and lets the picture tells it out loud.

 Behave and smile!

 Mortar throwing2 up turns on!

 Where is my mortar???

 Oh no Oh no Oh no!!!! (Masa nie menjerit macam pontinak ok!)

 Yes! Goal! Mortar masuk longkang!

 Help me naik!

 Suzie? Seriously? Ko nak tarik aku?? errr.. series?

 K fine! naik sendiri... :(

Enough with the picture?

Am I seriks to give more baling balingan mortar?

Hell No!!!!

 Oh yeahh! ContinueeEE!

and jatuhh..


but next baling, i give it with extra skills and carefull... kang esok amik scroll, terkejut syamsul tgk my mortar. 

Anyway! convo best and lets facebooking!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

God doesnt want me yet!

I thank Allah for giving me 1 seconds for my life to stop which with that 1 seconds, it just saved my life!

Pelik kan? Well, story nyee begini...

As usual, I continue with my no life routine of pergi kerja at 6am. As for your info, I need to walk around 400m from my apartment to the bus stop nearby and I need to cross 3 roads in order to go to that bus stop.

err.. macam akan jadi complicated jee!

I was going to cross the first road until I saw bus coming from 400-500m away. Bila dah tgk bus nak datang, I immediately nak cepat lintas jalan so that I wont be needed to wait for the next bus to come.

First road, lintas safely and I was about to cross the second road terus without seeing left and right (usually second road xdak kereta sgt) until I was stopped for a second, and tiba a lorry pass by infront of me... errr..

korang paham ke nih?

I dont know why my kaki x gerak untuk lintas but my mind says lintas cepat. How I wonder if I cross the road straight, confirm esok I famous masuk news!

"Ingin ke kerja lalu digelek lori"


"Mencari rezeki di waktu pagi tapi ditimpa malang"


"Gadis cantik digelek lori" ehh?

Tapi if betul I kena gelek, tolong laaaaa letak only my pretty picture dalam news. Takdelaa mati katak jee, at least famous ok! and masa ni orang mesti cakap.. "alaaa, sayanggnyee.. muka cantik tapi ajal cepat" or "kalaulaahh aku sempat ngorat budak nii dulu" atau "kalaulaa aku dulu belanja yaya makan chiliss atau pak ali masa convo aritu" .. heh!

ok serius.

but, seriously ok! i am just 1 second apart. tiba2 i was stopped, blank and blur and suddenly lorry lalu depan. huu.. ngeri!

Alhamdulillah!!~ I am still alive and healthy and smizing waiting untuk kawan2 datang belanja. :)

Anyway, this is what we call, ajal saya belum sampai...

p/s: Berdoa agar mati dalam iman........ pleasee!


Thanks maria for the tag. Guess its my turn to show off my ugly convo?

To those who dont know, the contest is all about :

 check it out here for more information

The picture that i wish and hope not to show off, but since its ugly , i gedik2 nak letak jugak is :

gambar selepas masuk longkang..

so what the heck am masuk longkang with robe and mortar? err err.. well, full story will be in the next post.

anyway, although ada happy smile in my face tapi busuk..but weyh! its ugly ok! itssss ugly!

ok dah menang... please give me that rayban and rm30 topup.. wehehee.. ok. serius. lawak bodoh

the person i gonna to tag is...

Rahmah, pinkyzul, erney!

and whoever interested! :)
good luckkk to all! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

While you went fishing, saya makan popia.

I was blogwalking searching for my wedding attire and saw thisss sgt cool blog. Very inspiring!
Malas nak tulis panjang2, lets the picture says it out loud!..  hehs!

bertudung pon boleh berfashion ok...

p/s: Maria and Bella, nahh your chillpopia!

Its from Zleqha

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Significant Bus!

Betul lah cakap orang, bila dah kerja, you dont have timee for your own. Pendek kata, NO LIFE!.
Right now I feel like crying of kepenatan, keletihan dan saket kaki.

6 am to work, and 9 am baru balik rumah. Bajet CEO workholic kan?

No no no. Ini semua gara gara naik bas. Oh yeah! I sedang menyahut kerajaan to change our life style sebab harga minyak naik (konon!) and its the chepeast way to work.

And because ke-cheap-kepan inilah, I have to take the first bus and late bus to/from work. Here is the reason why:

1) Gangguan tangan berbulu a.k.a sexsual harrasment
Seriouslyyy OMG, if you took Metrpolitian bus, diorang akan kutip all this penumpang2 until the bus cramp macam tin sardin and until at certain point you almost boleh jadi A4-paper. And masa ini lah, tangan-tangan lelaki berbulu meliar2 mencari rezeki. And imagine if the bus took an immediate brake, how thiss tangan2 berproses untuk menghasilkan 99.99% kepuasan dan kelegaan. Cokodok!

2) Gangguan osteoporsis akibat standing ovation dekat manusia tanggan berbulu
Erghh, berdiri from home to work is the most hatred things to do! Lenguhhh ok!! Saket kaki. Actually I dont mind me standing, but please lah, those pregnant women and aunty2 yang dah tua tu, pleasee laa be consideratee and give them seat. Soooo un-educatedd weyh!

Ok here is a funny story, I was sitting on the bus, berangan macam biasa until I realize somebody was standing beside me. So toleh2, and tgk ehh perut pregnant. And as konon educated person, bangun to give her a seat and tgk2, gulp! mamak perut buncittt deeerrr !! ceh ceh ceh.

3) Mengelak dari ditenung oleh manusia tangan bebulu.
I didnt know why they all stare macam dah x dak perempuan lain dalam bus. Keberangkalian diorang ingat me sama spesies kaum dengan diorang maybe? Cooii!

Anyhow, the past one and the half months, Ive observed, did some research and now I've develop skills on how to get a seat on the bus.Ngeh ngeh ngeh

First ,
Observed those who hold RM1.00 tickets.
This people akan turun awal of cos, because their journey is half mine. So, when noticed their tickets, cepat2 laa berdiri infront of their seat.

Attack seat with school uniform student.
Same with RM1.00 ticket holder, diorang pon akan turun awal

Berharap dan berdoa.
Which is amat jarang2 berlaku at 7.30 am bus. :(

Anddd thisss iss whyyy I took 6 am bus... sobs!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I've been invited to Vaseline party and tak menang.... woot woot... kih kih kih..

Vaseline as usuall sgt laa AWESOME. and Luna Bar too!

But Im not!!! cursing myself, for forgetting bawa camera! *damn*

HP camera sucks to hell.. but whatever it is...

i repeattt... 

whaatttteverrrrrr ittt isssss... gambarrrr dgn yuna tetap kena amikkk.. weeeee! HAVE TOO!
*gambar khas for bella! :)


this is luna bar.

i want luna bar for my honeymoon boleh?

Met a lot of blogger a.k.a nuffanagers too.. ohh... lupa,

Introduce you Nuffnang punya boss!! 

I personally did not know him.. nasib baik, linda(which i just met) gave me a good kenal kenalan with him.. hehhehe.. :)

whateverr it is........... saya perasan saya si miss universe...

and ohh.. thank you vaseline for giving me 1 year lotion supplyy!! hehehe..

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Urban Vibe Online Contest!

I have nothing to do! Yess! Now I'm joinning another contest(which i just knew) and tommorow is the deadlines. Again, it is the wedding contest. So what! I need that baju bersanding ok!!

By the by, in order to join this contest, you have to be above 20 (Yes I am!!!), Malaysian and have a blog. Ohh, you also need to be their follower and friend in FB. Done it! *grin*

All I need to do is to write an essay, no more than 200 words about Pameran Pengantin Malaysia ; Pilihan Utama Bakal Pengantin. Here it is...

From the beginning we knew the cost of the wedding had to be kept with in this realm of reality.Right? We tried to set it at a modest RM35 000, which by most wedding standards is quite modest.  We felt at this budget we could get what we want but not go broke doing it.

So here why Pameran Pengatin Malaysia, is the choice of all the bride-to be! 

Seriously, you can get a lot of information here regarding wedding in this exhibition. From cards, to photographer, catering to venue, decorations to doogifts dan macam2 lagi laaa!. There will be a lot of bridal boutique, photographers etc etc and also a GREAT place where you can find and compare them for their best works and prices.

Pameran Pengantin have come to my rescue. Yeay!

I just started my plan for wedding just a few months ago. And for my fiancee and me, as a noob for all this pengantin stuff, we both doesnt know where and how to start it.MMG NOOB OK! Serioousslly!! We found out an advert in Buku Pengantin about the event and straight a way plan our journey to there. The first Pameran we attend is a few months ago in Midvalley. (I wrote about it here). From there, we learnt and we knew stuff. Oh yeah!!

Pameran Pengantin have help me a lottt!!!! (220 words.. tehehehe)

Well, if you guys are wondering when & where will be the next exhibition and nak datanggg, another exhibition will be on 8th-10th October in KL Convection Centre. Their organizer : URBAN VIBE EVENT!

Last but not least, a candid picture of us ....
Oww! I left my laptop in Penang. :(. Picture taken from FB.

Valentine Dinner of Us.

Macam x leh menang je.. :(

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raya with Dato Siti and Dato K.

Oh my! Her skin, tak payah cakap, seriously untouchable by pimples.

Yess, two years in a row, me beraya with both of them. They were actually my best friends dad best friend's. I wish to snap some pretty picture with her, but a lots of their family members dah chup dulu tangkap gambar with her macam last year. Alahhh, who cares la kan, when I can actually bermain-main mata with Dato K. Ehh serious ok! He is in the kitchen while I was standing infront of the kitchen. and there is where the lovess comes......... Ok ok dah over perasan.


By the Greenland, why you need a lot of friends when only you have them. Sayang mereka dan love mereka.

 We were bestfriends since 7 years old!

Wadud! *heart*
The picture means nothing.

and how the person in the middle looks much more younger in most of the TV advertisement?
Macam bapak budak. ceh!

Those are all who understands me very well, and although there are not in blogging world, and although I know they wont read this, I just wanna say...


My Keluh Kesah : It is sad with the time constraint that I have to not go to others open house. :(