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Thursday, November 25, 2010


I've been moody all week long. I am not in a good mood all day. I am stress of too many works to do. I am SUPER DUPER stress with benda benda kahwin yang I dont even hope to care. Been posted 2 angry post. My hormone are in topsy-turvy. Blame my period.

I am on rush today. Today jugak laa I have to settle my credit card registration. And today jugak laa Presiden of Laos nak datang KLCC.  So what he came, I dont give a damn. But, because of him, I need to take a long way to the complex instead of the short way. Amboiii laa!

 I have been wondering about thesee politician job description. What I understand, all they need to do is to make US easy and to make Malaysia one of the top country. Full Stop.

Tapi, yang asal ko datang je, kena siap carpet merah, asal ko nak datang je, kena plan 3 bulan sebelum, kena bagi makan best, tutup jalan tu, tutup jalan ni, menyusahkan rakyat, etc etc.. what theee heckk! kerja ko buat tu bukan bagus sgt. you all pon bukan genius mana pon. gaji you all pon, gaji boss i 2-5 kali banyak dari you. Oh lupa, you makan duit rakyat banyak, sebab tu korang kaya. wtf.


Who are you and who tell you to actually gain all this benefits haaa? I dah laa kena duk kena byr income tax every month, nak beli fast food kena tax, nak beli kereta kena tax, semua kena tax, and all the tax are going to you Mr! and yet, we, rakyat, still have to serve you macam kuli so that you senang lenang. you cakap je apa you nak, bantal lembut? makan satay? aircond sejuk? red carpet? duit rakyat? perempuan murah? kita bagi.

kitaorang byr gaji u, kitaorang plak kena serve you. Podacit!

who create this rule of thumb hah???!!!


tapi saya still sayang dekat Mahathir. dia datang x payah pon red carpet.

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Anonymous said...

xreti tp bercakap.....hahahaha...