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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Urban Vibe Online Contest!

I have nothing to do! Yess! Now I'm joinning another contest(which i just knew) and tommorow is the deadlines. Again, it is the wedding contest. So what! I need that baju bersanding ok!!

By the by, in order to join this contest, you have to be above 20 (Yes I am!!!), Malaysian and have a blog. Ohh, you also need to be their follower and friend in FB. Done it! *grin*

All I need to do is to write an essay, no more than 200 words about Pameran Pengantin Malaysia ; Pilihan Utama Bakal Pengantin. Here it is...

From the beginning we knew the cost of the wedding had to be kept with in this realm of reality.Right? We tried to set it at a modest RM35 000, which by most wedding standards is quite modest.  We felt at this budget we could get what we want but not go broke doing it.

So here why Pameran Pengatin Malaysia, is the choice of all the bride-to be! 

Seriously, you can get a lot of information here regarding wedding in this exhibition. From cards, to photographer, catering to venue, decorations to doogifts dan macam2 lagi laaa!. There will be a lot of bridal boutique, photographers etc etc and also a GREAT place where you can find and compare them for their best works and prices.

Pameran Pengantin have come to my rescue. Yeay!

I just started my plan for wedding just a few months ago. And for my fiancee and me, as a noob for all this pengantin stuff, we both doesnt know where and how to start it.MMG NOOB OK! Serioousslly!! We found out an advert in Buku Pengantin about the event and straight a way plan our journey to there. The first Pameran we attend is a few months ago in Midvalley. (I wrote about it here). From there, we learnt and we knew stuff. Oh yeah!!

Pameran Pengantin have help me a lottt!!!! (220 words.. tehehehe)

Well, if you guys are wondering when & where will be the next exhibition and nak datanggg, another exhibition will be on 8th-10th October in KL Convection Centre. Their organizer : URBAN VIBE EVENT!

Last but not least, a candid picture of us ....
Oww! I left my laptop in Penang. :(. Picture taken from FB.

Valentine Dinner of Us.

Macam x leh menang je.. :(

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raya with Dato Siti and Dato K.

Oh my! Her skin, tak payah cakap, seriously untouchable by pimples.

Yess, two years in a row, me beraya with both of them. They were actually my best friends dad best friend's. I wish to snap some pretty picture with her, but a lots of their family members dah chup dulu tangkap gambar with her macam last year. Alahhh, who cares la kan, when I can actually bermain-main mata with Dato K. Ehh serious ok! He is in the kitchen while I was standing infront of the kitchen. and there is where the lovess comes......... Ok ok dah over perasan.


By the Greenland, why you need a lot of friends when only you have them. Sayang mereka dan love mereka.

 We were bestfriends since 7 years old!

Wadud! *heart*
The picture means nothing.

and how the person in the middle looks much more younger in most of the TV advertisement?
Macam bapak budak. ceh!

Those are all who understands me very well, and although there are not in blogging world, and although I know they wont read this, I just wanna say...


My Keluh Kesah : It is sad with the time constraint that I have to not go to others open house. :(
For almost 2 months, I woke up almost evening.

And how can I make myself wake up this Monday???

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Continued : Raya One

Tenggook!!! How adorable he is bersongkok and bersampin... *grinn*

Kehenseman beliau hanya bertahan selama 5 minit. Selepas itu, beliau bertukar kepada monster berlemuih.


Still Raya Pertama.
We went to my grandmother's house belah mum. Again, have to bermaaf maafan as usual.

The first person, my uncle, Dr Giant Hamprak Jingga. A phd doc with a 5 years old attitude.*sigh* Bersalam dengan DGHJ is just one of the most annoying thing to do but we enjoyed. heheh!. You have to go through a lot of phases/stages in order to get duit raya from him. Macam interview shell plak. pftt!

I still remembered last year, rather than giving duit raya straight to his nephews/nieces, he did cabutan bertuah. There is a few RM1, several RM5 and RM10, one RM50. We as his unfortunately-bad luck-selalu kena buli kena la pick the angpow. Me, rather lucky dapat RM10 compared to those yang dpt RM1. hee!

A lot of annoying question being asked here.

Me yang ensem dan macho cried when it came to my aunt's turn. Its not that I cried because of the mistakes  that I've done, tapi, only RM2 angpow instead RM20 to all my younger sister. Alasan : Saya sudah berkerja

OMG! My three-irritating sister masa nie, waved their RM20 and forced me to smell their money. Kurang asam!

Hek eler. Kecoh budak2 ni. Ok ok! To tell you the truth, I was crying because I just realized how much I have grown. From a budak sgt comel to a LADY yang dah nak kawen. I used to receive a lot of duit raya, but now, no more!  And I missed those moments.  And plus, I am celebrate the last raya as a SINGLE!. Sedih sioot!!!

Tapi sedih tu kejap je, when my aunt still bagi RM20. Muahahha!

Naahhh! Smell my RM22~!


Iklan sekejap.
Monster in action. Told you before!


Last but not least, macam biasa, makan besar with the whole family.

End of Raya 1.

p.s : Cik yaya sedang berseronok blogging bercerita pasal raya. Layan je laaa noo ..... Ambooiih!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raya Ohh.. Day One

From Penang, Malaysiaaaaa...

First Day of Raya
Ohhhh.. Syawal will always and always be my favorite month of the year. Why? Because this is the only months where my "crazy" aunties and uncle meet up together and we will laugh like orang gila until night. And yes, you can hear a lot of gossips too!


Shouldnt we forgive each other ke rather that gossiping? *heh* no komen la noo!

The very first day, at my house of course, we will having a heavy lunch together.

Nasi Minyaaakkk !! Luv it.

ask me what kuih you want?? semua adaa!
my moms homemade special. chewah

crime spotted. Mercun disaster from last night punya.

As usual.. bermaaf maafan di hari raya. Please notice my dad salin baju selekeh to YBish.  For the sake of TANGKAP GAMBAR.

Our bermaaf maafan is always will be a lot of laughing rather than crying. Sebab masa ni laa all our(the children) secret and salah silap yang x pernah bagitahu throughout the year will come out. And all our hutang RM30 and above to dad or mum akan mintak dihalalkan. Masa ni sangat seronok.

I asked to halalkan and tolong bayar catering my kenduri kawen for next year. Menjerit walid. heheheh! Love to see my dad punya reaction when it comes to money.

I never understand why sunglasses. Layan jaa laa kerenah beliau.
And tgk, how he smile infront of the camera. Tak boleh belah betul.

Is NOT that I refuse the duit raya from dad. I refuse to take it only sebab ITS EMPTY! and dad force to take it. 

 and of course, a FAMILY POTRAIT.

 And my raya is just started. 4 days of non-stop raya. And there is always a plan for tommorow.

Ok enough. To be continued.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I see rectangular, it means empty, anti-socialize.
I see circles, means locked.

Night, means backwards
Day, err means forward?

Songkok putih, i see a lot in Pasar Ramadhan.
Songkok hitam, well, we Malaysian mmg pakai

Perlukah assume buku yang bergambar itu bibble?
Abis buku ABC dan 123 tu ape?
Macamana budak2 kindegarden nak kenal binatang itik ayam monyet beruk?

Sangkar burung. Trend wedding sekarang letak banyak bird cage. Does it means, Islam teperangkap? Its just a decorations je kut.

Freemason? WTF.

Truly, I disagree with santa-klaus-TV3 raya ad totally.

But to over-lebih-mengcari-teori konspirasi what so ever, LAME!

By the way,


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yaya Economy Downfall.

Kamu wahai sayang, pergi kamu meninggalkan saya,
bersama tun dan tin,
komet dan kamuk,

Lari lari,
jauhhh dari sang penyakit,
penat dan benci datang
bertemankan virus,
tidak menolongg.

Superman datang,
I love you,
itu ungkapan,
atau bilangan.
kata-kata yang,
best didengar.

Aku dan saya,
sungguh girang,
jump to the sky.
sebab seronok.

Me and you,
kuch kuch hota hai.

eh eh eh... boleh jadi william shakespeare.


saya selalu perasan suara saya sedap. saya suka pilih lagu high notes. Padahnya, saya slalu memalukan diri saya.

dan jikalau dan kalau dan tidak kalau, anda tidak sanggup dgr high pitching dari saya..

JANGAN BAWA SAYA KE KAROEKE! walaupon saya sgt suka karoeke.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

I've seen a lot, a lotttt of contest and that  keen to participate. Until, I found this contest advert, and I was like, ohh yeah! definitely gonna to join!

Its VASELINE bebeh! What makes you to not joining? kan?

anddddd.... the prizes! oh my god! First prizes worth RM3000 and Vaseline product!. brrrrr! *dreaming*

Alrite, back to business. For this contest, all I need to do is to tell them how my skin is moist.


To tell you the truth, I am a fan of vaseline. Ini serious bukan bodek!. Seriously, this product is awesome, it makes my face moist, glowing and pretty of course eh? .Let me story mory you my little tiny secret.

Long time ago, I admit ed, I am not pretty. My lips are dry. My skin looks like an orange peel skin. Rough and damage. Dulu no boyfriend. noob! Tgk member ada boyfriend. Oh! Sgt jealous, low self confidence and  esteem. I am very shy (konon malu malu kucing) with the skin until I avoid to socialize with people surround.

Until, my very best friend introduce me Vaseline.Vaseline comes to the rescue!. Few months later, my skin started to glow. And I become pretty dan comelness. My currently-now-fiance-tapi-dulu-hanya-member noticed me. Purpose me and now I am getting married. Wehoo!
macam cerita hindustan pulak. although ada sedikit tokok dan tambah. but hey! they allowed me to use my imagination okai!.

Okai okai! Truly, I started to use Vaseline since my secondary school. I tried to change to other product duh, but none can compete with Vaseline. Vaseline is my best friend!. She has to be with me everytime!. She's always in my handbag, my study table and even on my bed. Bila dia di merata-merata, I wont forgot to use it.

Its cheap, affordable and impactful. The smellllll! ohhh myyyy goood (ala ala usher)

Yeah! I am getting married, I need to be pretty. In order to to be pretty, beautiful and looking young, I MUST USE VASELINE!. And Vaseline should make me win first prizes so I can use more and more vaseline product to make me pretty for my wedding day and that 3000 ringgit, I can use to pay for a photographer to snap snap my so glowing moist skin which I can showing off to my family and friend. And of coursee on the same time to promote your product. Ehe!

 Oh yeah, remember my kayap? I used petroleum jelly and lotion (Vaseline product of course!) to make my scar fade. AND IT WORKS! yeahhoo!

Tak percaya? Here is the proves!

my kayapness faded 90%.
Vaseline can do  Miracle!
Oh yea. Please notice my moist skin. Bwahahhaa!

See! Vaseline is an awesome product!! Proves you dah kan?

Alrite last but not least, I need to upload my self with skin. Hmm..

vaseline makes me cute and confident!

 Lets celebrate skin and moisture.

One more thing. Jom join!
Click here okeh?


Alhamdulillah! Ramadhan totally is a bless! I received lots of interview invitation and job offers (3 actually). For 2 weeks of consideration, finally I just signed a offer letter from Murphy Oil as a Graduate Engineer that will be based in KLCC.

Let me share with you the experiences! Ahhh.. Syok sendiri nak bercerita.

I applied Murphy online from an ad in The Star paper. Within a week, they called me for an interview. The interview? Susah gilaaaaa okai! Its all about offshore! Imagine, me as a process chemical engineer kena eloborate pasal offshore in whiteboard. I went blank. Ketar-ketar. Duster jatuh la, tag jatuh la. Macam2 la.


They ask me about tank. Me p cakap pasal storage tank sampai A to Z and they actually talking about reservoir tank. They ask me about subsurface, subsea, resevoir, drilling, apa ka benda ntah which is out of my knowledge and some, i would say Whatttt is thatttt???.


Then, I was thinking, rather than talking crap and be a silly infront of them is better to be honest. kan?? So, I went honest and said to 3 MANAGERS, (field, resevoir and HR) that me dont know anything about upstream as my field is actually downstream. huhu.

They said ok, they know that i dont know. Lega?? No no no. Diorang tanya lagi, please tell me about the process happening in ESSO. Ahhh sudah! 1 year leaving ExxonMobil, mana nak ingattt! So, gagap-ishly eloborate laa.

Walaupon ada menipu sikit2. Heh! Confident tetap mau adaa! Eceh.

They asked me a lot of critical thinking stuff, which me actually merepek je banyak. I went home sedih, memberontak actually thinking of me yang x layak and the silly things I have made. Tapi kejap je, because the very next morning, I received a good news from them! wohoo!

For offshore medical checkup? my health passed berkaler-kaler terbanggg. Wehee!

Roti Bakar Telur Manis Cheeseee: Pray hard and you will get what you want with Allah willling!

Teh tarik kurang manis:
Remember this post? Its actually Infenion and KNM. Infenion is a great company! Freaking in love with this company. The working environment, the salary, the places. the people, the company, the manager yang ensem, eh! everything is good!. Freaking suka!  And they will sending me off to europe next month actually. Too bad kan?

*Rindu RBTM(C)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Key of Awesome yang sgt AWESOME!

Better than the real keisha!

Seriously better!!!!!!