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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raya Ohh.. Day One

From Penang, Malaysiaaaaa...

First Day of Raya
Ohhhh.. Syawal will always and always be my favorite month of the year. Why? Because this is the only months where my "crazy" aunties and uncle meet up together and we will laugh like orang gila until night. And yes, you can hear a lot of gossips too!


Shouldnt we forgive each other ke rather that gossiping? *heh* no komen la noo!

The very first day, at my house of course, we will having a heavy lunch together.

Nasi Minyaaakkk !! Luv it.

ask me what kuih you want?? semua adaa!
my moms homemade special. chewah

crime spotted. Mercun disaster from last night punya.

As usual.. bermaaf maafan di hari raya. Please notice my dad salin baju selekeh to YBish.  For the sake of TANGKAP GAMBAR.

Our bermaaf maafan is always will be a lot of laughing rather than crying. Sebab masa ni laa all our(the children) secret and salah silap yang x pernah bagitahu throughout the year will come out. And all our hutang RM30 and above to dad or mum akan mintak dihalalkan. Masa ni sangat seronok.

I asked to halalkan and tolong bayar catering my kenduri kawen for next year. Menjerit walid. heheheh! Love to see my dad punya reaction when it comes to money.

I never understand why sunglasses. Layan jaa laa kerenah beliau.
And tgk, how he smile infront of the camera. Tak boleh belah betul.

Is NOT that I refuse the duit raya from dad. I refuse to take it only sebab ITS EMPTY! and dad force to take it. 

 and of course, a FAMILY POTRAIT.

 And my raya is just started. 4 days of non-stop raya. And there is always a plan for tommorow.

Ok enough. To be continued.


humairah said...

eh eh.. 4 gadis jugak?? hehe~

yaya said...

hahhaa.. tapi my mum slalu cakap dia ada 4 anak lelaki.. hahaha.. semua pemalasss...