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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Urban Vibe Online Contest!

I have nothing to do! Yess! Now I'm joinning another contest(which i just knew) and tommorow is the deadlines. Again, it is the wedding contest. So what! I need that baju bersanding ok!!

By the by, in order to join this contest, you have to be above 20 (Yes I am!!!), Malaysian and have a blog. Ohh, you also need to be their follower and friend in FB. Done it! *grin*

All I need to do is to write an essay, no more than 200 words about Pameran Pengantin Malaysia ; Pilihan Utama Bakal Pengantin. Here it is...

From the beginning we knew the cost of the wedding had to be kept with in this realm of reality.Right? We tried to set it at a modest RM35 000, which by most wedding standards is quite modest.  We felt at this budget we could get what we want but not go broke doing it.

So here why Pameran Pengatin Malaysia, is the choice of all the bride-to be! 

Seriously, you can get a lot of information here regarding wedding in this exhibition. From cards, to photographer, catering to venue, decorations to doogifts dan macam2 lagi laaa!. There will be a lot of bridal boutique, photographers etc etc and also a GREAT place where you can find and compare them for their best works and prices.

Pameran Pengantin have come to my rescue. Yeay!

I just started my plan for wedding just a few months ago. And for my fiancee and me, as a noob for all this pengantin stuff, we both doesnt know where and how to start it.MMG NOOB OK! Serioousslly!! We found out an advert in Buku Pengantin about the event and straight a way plan our journey to there. The first Pameran we attend is a few months ago in Midvalley. (I wrote about it here). From there, we learnt and we knew stuff. Oh yeah!!

Pameran Pengantin have help me a lottt!!!! (220 words.. tehehehe)

Well, if you guys are wondering when & where will be the next exhibition and nak datanggg, another exhibition will be on 8th-10th October in KL Convection Centre. Their organizer : URBAN VIBE EVENT!

Last but not least, a candid picture of us ....
Oww! I left my laptop in Penang. :(. Picture taken from FB.

Valentine Dinner of Us.

Macam x leh menang je.. :(


PAMERAN PENGANTIN MALAYSIA - by Urban Vibe Event said...

hye yaya dearie,

kami dah visit your blog ye :) just wait for the result..thanx for joining!

- zuriey - said...

hye sharifah..saya zuriey..kita jumpa kt party semlam..nice to meet u..

Mrs Camillo said...


should i call u sharifah, thought ur nickname here yaya. :D

hope to meet u again in nuffnang next event.