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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raya with Dato Siti and Dato K.

Oh my! Her skin, tak payah cakap, seriously untouchable by pimples.

Yess, two years in a row, me beraya with both of them. They were actually my best friends dad best friend's. I wish to snap some pretty picture with her, but a lots of their family members dah chup dulu tangkap gambar with her macam last year. Alahhh, who cares la kan, when I can actually bermain-main mata with Dato K. Ehh serious ok! He is in the kitchen while I was standing infront of the kitchen. and there is where the lovess comes......... Ok ok dah over perasan.


By the Greenland, why you need a lot of friends when only you have them. Sayang mereka dan love mereka.

 We were bestfriends since 7 years old!

Wadud! *heart*
The picture means nothing.

and how the person in the middle looks much more younger in most of the TV advertisement?
Macam bapak budak. ceh!

Those are all who understands me very well, and although there are not in blogging world, and although I know they wont read this, I just wanna say...


My Keluh Kesah : It is sad with the time constraint that I have to not go to others open house. :(


Amin said...

Wah... Dato Siti and Dato K? Bosan k??

yaya said...

yeahh bosan! nothing special about them pon!

Nora Aira said...

yaya, nora not longer use nora aira blog as my wed blog. can u sent me ur email to anzcis@yahoo.com, stalker war. :(..so i can let u know. tengs. sorry for incovienece.