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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review : Of Henna

Strongly recommended.

It is from The House of Red Gincu.

Sgt cantik! :)

they did quite a good job for their pelamins too!

Monday, June 27, 2011


We went to Krabi for honeymoon. And its awesomeeee!!!~

We bought the tickets during Air Asia RM1 per seat promotion. Berbaloii!.

Since it is a honeymoon, for the first time, ehem ehem, we decided to stay in five-star hotel with private pool and private jacuzzi for us.Banyak sikit tempat nak explore. :). Its in Tubaek Beach. 30 minutes from Aonang.

If you are more keen into privacy, sila sila la ke Tubaek. Nak enjoy g Aonang.

The packages we bought ada Romance Dinner beside the beach. :) Best sgt!

Since the beach are so private, you can do whatever you want there without any ganguan dari segala.
So, I did a surprise breakfast specially for him.

Bunga-bunga tu I petik bunga hotel. The waiter there sgt baik, they helped me decorated the flower dalam jar. :)

And I dibalas of this surprise the next morning. :)

 We went for Island tour (4 Island). The island is fantastic! Best!

And elephant ride!!

The food in Tubaek susah sikit nak dapat. If you suka amik cabaran, you can go to Aonang via Motobike for RM35/day. Kitaorang sesat nak balik at 11pm for 2 hours. Anyhoos, its adventurous.

Oh! we stayed at Anyavee Tubaek Beach Resort. The hotel is quite expensive.

But kitaorang dilayan seperti raja dan permaisuri. We were pick up and sent from/to airport via a Limo ok!

And its worth the money!

Lantern for Sale

I'm selling my used-latern purple and pink for RM3.50/pc.

12inch lantern
Purple - 25 pcs
Pink - 25 pcs

Buy all 50 pcs for only RM150. 
 (Exclude Delivery)

Mail me at shalawiyah@gmail.com

First come first serve. 


Friday, June 17, 2011

Review : Pre-Wedding Photo

Since I'm planning to wear a gown during my reception, I bought a package yang ada 2 gowns, 2 coats and pre-wedding photoshoot and some miscellaneous from a Chinese bridal shop.

And since I am not interested nak buat buka poyo-konon cantik- konon romantik - konon sayang-menyayangi - konon whatever, Abdillah and I planned untuk buat muka konon cute untuk mintak penampar... :).

Jadi macam ni...

And so we decided to just have fun during our photoshoot.. We have 8 gowns to be chosen for pre-weds in total. Jadi, we have 8 different styles to pose to with themes.

Style 1 : Do what you want style

Style 2 : English Vintage.

Style 3 : Atuk and Opah
I am so inspired with P-ramlee. :) . Baju and kain batik borrowed from my grandma.

:) :)

Seriously, we have a lot of ideas. We wanted to do some unique and different and fun. Nanti bila tunjuk kat anak-anak in future, they would laugh to see how their pa & ma yang sgt coooolllll dulu dulu.

Since we want it to be perfectly done, we went to the shop a few times to see the studios wallpaper design, props that they have, gowns provided, how the make up being done and all.

We wanted the outcome worth the money we paid for. You should do the same to your photographer too. Make them entertain of what you want.

For the poses and style, we did some research. Read, see and learn.

We didnt wait for the photographers to tell what we should do. Kitaorang hentam apa saja. Till we were out of juices, baru we ask for the photographers of his ideas.

Andd, we watch a lot of ANTM.


I am not good in posing but at least I am very satisfied with my pre-wedding photo. Dah mmg bukan model kan.. :)

And I have another 2 post-wedding up-coming.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review : DIY Guest Book Table

I think 90% of my decorations of wedding were made from papers!!! :)

I was so inspired with Martha Stewards Paper Flower. Sangat comel!  So me as a gigih person, make a huge amount of this kind of flower.

The flowers was then decorated boolatt with some extra leaves and small white flowers.

Crepe paper can be bought in Kedai Riben, Masjid Jamek for 40cent/pc.
Total cost for this decorated flower is around/less than RM30. :D

For guest book signage, I bought medium size mounting paper for RM1/pc dekat kedai stationery. I printed tulisan dia (choose your own font) and paste.

I bought paper puncher (flower design) for RM10 dekat Jaya Jusco. Pastu I punched guna used colored paper and HENTAM decorate dekat mounting board tersebut. :D

Jadi laa macam ni......

please ignore segala kesan comot. 

Total cost : RM1... 

Kesimpulan, jadi la macam nie.. :)

please ignore segala tidak tersusun atas meja.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Review : My DIY Wedding Shoes

I bought plain shoes for RM30 at The Mines during sales. told you I ni jenis murah.  Ingat nak pakai plain macam tu je. Simple. 

But then, I saw baju Siti Sarah made by Hatta Dolmat and inspired with the beading dekat tangan.

So I went to Bunga Riben, Masjid Jamek and with my imagination, I bought segala beads. I didnt bring my shoes so I hentam jee the colour.

I spent 15 ringgit for the beads.

I never done beading before. Seriously. Again, I main hentam jahit bead dekat my shoes. 

Hentam hentam hentam, thank god the outcome sangat fabulous. 
Love it!!!

I guna jarum and benang biasa. But you kena ikat 2-3 kali untuk make the beads kukuh dekat kasut... 

Not necessary kasut RM100 je sedap pakai, RM30 pon comfortable.. :)

Minimize is my thing yaw!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review : Akad Nikah Attire

Remember this post with my baju akad nikah sketches?

Well.. This is the outcome...

Seriously, Najib Salman would never disappointed you. 

My kain actually is all patch with flower. I bought in Naif, Dubai for RM60/5 yards. Seriously murah.
Then, I requested Najib to patch the flower to my veil macam Elyana tu but make it very simple. :)

My neck and dekat perut were nicely beaded with pearl and swaroski

My theme is Arabian. Banyak yang tanya why I x pakai purdah or bling bling dekat kepala. Well, actually tu semua fashion belly dancer. Bukan fashion arab wedding. Perempuan arab nikah pakai evening gown.

For Abdillah, he wore full Arab's overcoat and jubah. Bought it in Abu Dhabi too.

Makeup is from Dini Alias while hairdo is from Abang Lan. Diorang sgt sporting gilaaA!!!

For akad nikah shoes, I terjumpa dekat street market Dubai for RM30. terus grab.. :P

Then, I paste sticker, "The Bride" , saja nak kasi nampak cool. :D

I ni jenis murah. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Muka Berseri

Dah abis!! dah abis!! dah abisss...!!


ada banyak benda turns to be in plan.. dan ada juga yang tidak ikut kata plan.. hehhee.. takpee... :)
ada part i sedih.. ada part i menangis.. ada part i mengamuk... ada part i happy gilaa... itu semua hormon.

tapi motif i berjaya, we totally have funnnn with families and friends...!!! :)

my majlis takde protokol2... kitaorang main belasah jaa everything..
my majlis takdak wedding planner... i laa wedding planner tu..
my majlis x grand2.. simple je.. tu yang i nak..
my majlis x buat kat dewan.. buat kat rumah je.. garden wedding.. :)
my majlis takdak vendor2 segala pelamin, decorations... semua i buat sendiri
konklusinya, my wedding a.k.a syok sendiri.. who cares.

i yang gantung segala lantern..
i yang angkat segala meja..
i yang buat pelamin..
i yang decorate stairs..
i yang buat pelamin akad nikah..
i yang gantung signage tengah2 malam buta..
of course with help of my families la...

sapa boleh jadi se-strong i?

sampaikan lagi 3 jam nak akad nikah, i still x abis2 gantung segala benda.. hihihi..

yerp.. letih.. thats why i appreciate my weds so much..
and we totally have fun gila gilaaaaaa...

with our coolest photographer, si Ajean and Boi from Mazelensa, gempakiest Kia and Fahim from CST ( pakej yang menang kitaorang bawa ke kelantan, penang punya I payyyyyy!) , and awesomeness both MUA , jumie samsuddin and dini elias , diorang rawk and they make me totally happy! :)

and of courseeeee! people who came and give us support, yang sanggup join us singing! diorang sgt rawk! :)

he he he he... :)

you know what, Abdillah cirit birit, muntah muntah 2 hours before our reception.. hampir dimasukkan ke hospital..  hehhe... kesian.. :)