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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of Akad Nikah Dress

At last, i did it...

I am wayyyyy last minute. It is hard for me to gain trust to people to do with my akad nikah kain.

I found him while blog walking. Love him. Make an appointment. Have a chat with him. Love him even more. Ask him to design. He showed the design. Freaking in love the design. Chat with him. Impressed with his endeavor. Reminds him of myself. Love him again. Book him.

As simple as that.

The red is where he will attach the beading.

Hope everything will be okay...  InsyaAllah.

Him is Najib Salman. :)

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n@D3iR@H said...

wahh, sweet nyer..baju yg beliau buat mmg sgt anggun TAU..nad tau psl najib ni pun dkt blog sist liyana..cantek2 baju kawen sist liyana tuh...http://squarecutring.blogspot.com/