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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


To adik-adik who are going to Educamp soon and have been kicking me with weird-pemalas-nak-senang question, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeee read my ex-classmate blog, Maria.

Actually I agree everythings on her, except that matrix pahang of being coolest evah. derr. matrix johor lagi best kot! serious! :P *patriotism*

For me la kan, masuk uni mana pon sama ja. it depends on you. kalau masuk univeristi terbaik dunia pon, if YOU did not perform, you end up fail jugak.

and of cos, masuk UTP does not means you are hebat. or you have a great future with atuk PET. or you did not have to pay your academic bills and such. if it is that great, all UTP student tak payah laa nak susah2 struggle to finish all those projects, exam, presentation etc etc. why should kan? dah dijamin kerja whatttt...

think adik adik. life seems to be easy on words. but reality, it dont.

i advise you to choose the area's of what you love to do rather than choosing people-says-this-university-is-great-so-i-must-choose-this-university-too.  rule of thumb, when you have passion of doing things, you will be perform.

look adik adik, to determine your future (career wise) does not depends on which university you are in.  basically, it is all about how you develop your skills. both technical and soft skills. how you overcome problems. how you critical think things. and you must again PERFORM dan BERUSAHA!

and it is all back to rezeki. if you x dapat go through educamp, rilex la. semua benda ada hikmah. bak kata Maria, chillllll ahh!

true story, i was 0.01 away of getting a first class honor. to tell you the truth, i am very frustrated at first. but, when time goes by, the class of your degree doesnt meant it determines you will have a great future ahead.

right now, i am a second upper class and i am securing a great job. proudly saying.

see what i meant.. simple math,

success = (Perfomance + Berusaha - malas )* rezeki^hikmah

ohh by the way, dont think you have straight A's you are already good ehh....


Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

omg yaya, i pun 0.01 kurang to get 1st class. hahahaha!
tapi alhamdulillah things work out alright even if it's not as we expected it to be. =) ironic maybe.

anyway you pun dapat soalan soalan aneh ganjil macam macam ek? hehehee!!! =p

yaya said...

oh really! wow! geng!!! :)

yes.. this adik2 asyik duk mintak tips.. some agak belagak...

" i am a straight A's student"