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Friday, April 8, 2011


I am writing another post..
With aiming to write a post..
But I could not write a post..
Because I have no idea what to post..

Bos give me with a post..
Reservoir eng is the post..
No, postman is not my post..
Anyhow, I love reading the post..

I realize there is one post..
Having exactly like my post..
I called that girl "Post"
Because Postostat nickname is Post

I am not angry with Post..
I dont mind actually with the post.
I dont care about the post,
Despite I am happy with that post.
for at least people love with my post.

Post post post post,
everything of this post,
is about post.
But my intention in this post,
is a about Plagiarism of my post.

You may take my post..
and make it as a famous post..
with signature of your own post..

Takpee :) tak marah :)

This is IT world. Plagiarism is everywhere. Whenver you publish a post, be prepare that people will take it as their own. That is the risk of what you should be taken.

Why shall be angry to people stealing urs while you the one who doesnt take a proper care of it?
There is no law saying another people cant take ur post.


By the way, I copy my fyp report from Science Direct during my final years. :D

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Dhya said...

macam mana nk dapat idea cm awk...=)