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Monday, April 25, 2011

Save the Date


Both of us really would like to invite youuuuu, youu and youuuu to our humble wedding... :)

I know and understand that Penang is quite far from KL.

But to those who do not know, Penang was known to the world as a beautiful, exotic holiday destination. Penang ada Komtar ok! Although Komtar is old but he is handsome!

ok fine. If you thinks komtar is lame, why dont you go to the beach in Batu Feringgi where you guys can go jet skiing, canoeing, parachuting, snorkeling, usha pakwe-in, etc etc. Interesting aite?

sunburn? lets go and see Francis Light  at fort cornwalis or esplanade. Dont you think it is time to proper and understand history?  Francis Light is history. Shariffah Alawiyah is best.

Oh, have you heard of Bukit Bendera? you all boleh daki or take a train, and have a look of the island of Penang as a whole there.. eh.. i saw wedding in Simpang Ampat!!

The food in Penang is awesomely sedap! Penang is the Heaven of food kan? Have a try of laksa penang dekat gurney drive, pasemboq!, nasi kandaq line clear, nasi beriani hameediyah, air sirap + kelapa, jeruk, tauka rendang, sup ekor depan Continental hotel, nasi minyak rumah yaya, bihun singapore, mee goreng mamak, etc etc.

So basically, you wont regret of coming to Penang. ohh actually, you wont regret to come to penang on 28th may 2011. he he he he... :)

here is our save the date. i know i am not good in editing but who cares! :P

 Penang Reception.
To RSVP to Penang Reception : Click here

Kelantan Reception.

To RSVP to Kelantan Reception : Click here
We appreciate for you to come. :)
Thank you!

I am a DIY Bride!


dyn said...

would like to go but i ada kursus kawen lak time tuh... neway congratulation!!!!!!!!!

lind said...

eh simpang ampat je ke? i kat seb. jaya je :)

mcm nak pegi tp mcm segan hehe

yaya said...

dyn : would u like to come for my solem on friday? heee hee!

lind : eh datang la! mai address!

Dhya said...

nak mai...nak mai...=)

yaya said...

mai mai mai

lieya orange M.I. said...

lain dari yg lain....
sgt comellll :)

anaztasias nora aira said...

congrats dear, nanti i tgk cst punya vid k :) hehe

EZAN IDMA said...

waaa, da nak kawen :) congrate :)

ElyaElmo said...

gile comel!

Anonymous said...

cantek la yaya punya save the date card. sempoi sgt.

congrats anyway.