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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Cards

I've done with my wedding cards, And I love it. I lurve it!! I lap it!

With the small price I paid, I think its totally worth it. It is a simple card. Very simple. But again, I el-o-ve-e it!!!~

I will shared the pictures and informations about it end of this month. InsyaAllah.

Brooches are now a trend. People are now going for vintage style. Most of brides will go for brooch bouquet.(I am!) Make it as corsages lah. Tu lah. Ni lah.

But have you ever think of putting it in cards? I do!

Looks exclusive kan?

And its will costs you quite err.. ermm.. a lot.!

I'm have been thinking of cheaper way. Let me try whether jadi or not and will load and share it soon. Soon!



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liyana said...

err.. mahal kot.. tp cantik =)