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Monday, May 30, 2011


Everything went out smoothly alhamdulillah... and I am now officially a wife of Syed Ahmad Abdillah Buncit..

I nangis like orang gilaa during akad nikah, depan segala makcik, pakcik, kawan dan segala... sgt embarrassing..  fine!

its weird to have someone sleeping beside you at night..
sgt tak overhelm to pack things up for two people..

everything seems to be very new..
and it very stressful to think of, could I be a good wife?

Yes, I know,
I am in a new journey...
as a wife..

even tough  , the very first day, I FAIL BUAT NESCAFE.. (takde 3 in 1) 

takpe.. belajarrrrrr... mari google resipi buat nescafe..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

True loves story...

More than 15 thousands readers have read our true love story....

Now lets wait for our pre wedding video based on our diary next week...

And it is all true...


I dont eat char koay teowww...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am International.

You know aite, that i've been using bus to and from office.. Kan?

Selalunyaaa penumpang2 bas ni kebanyakkannya bangla... So basically, i will to and from office with all this bangla... Kira geng bas kerja laaa...

If you pelanggan tetap bas, people will recognize you... And i am one of it...

And at certain point, these bangla were trying to have a chat with me with bangla languages... i think it is a pakistani languages, ntah... who cares.


"sorry, i dont understand"

"grtybvdehkokhgrtref" (tak puas hati)

"no.. I cannot understand... "

"dont lieeeee"

"no no no"


"nopee.. Malaysian"

"i thought u are international"

"nopeeeeeeee. I am a Malay"

So he said sorry...

And i am ok with it...dah biasa......

Tiba tiba makcik sebelah bersuara...

"Laaaa... makcik ingatkan adik ni indiaaa"


i am not an indian... nor have mix with india nor bangla nor pakistani.. no no no no!

SAYA MELAYU!! with both parents are mix with Arab's blood

tak caya saya tunjuk IC.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review : My Wedding Cards

I've promised you my card.

And here it is. A simple yet adorable card in my perspective.

and more importantly, its cheap!!!!~

I did not really fancy flowers, cartoons or my own picture in my invitations cards.

I prefer to keep it as simple as I can yet elegance.

Moreover, I designed the card. I make my card ada Islamic touch sikit with putting Khat in the first page. Love it! :)

I make two types of cards, nipis and hardcover. Hardcover ada riben and it is for family members (300pcs). While nipis will be given to friends (500 pcs).

I make my cards at Jalan Brunei dekat a small printing shop. That Apek sgt cool ok! :) With a good bargaining, I managed to get a very cheap card!

Nipis : 60sen /pc - With inside and outside kertas keras. Card paper
Hardcover : 1.60rm/pc - With one condition.

Condition dia, you have to attach everything by urself. Meaning, you kena assemble/ gam everything, carboard ngan kertas, which is a very small matter to me.. which i suruh si buncit buat eveything since he is always free kan?

Sekali sekali jadi diktator apa salahnyaaa, kan????

he he he he he... :)

there's more to update but later lah... rushing rushing rushing..