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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review : My Wedding Cards

I've promised you my card.

And here it is. A simple yet adorable card in my perspective.

and more importantly, its cheap!!!!~

I did not really fancy flowers, cartoons or my own picture in my invitations cards.

I prefer to keep it as simple as I can yet elegance.

Moreover, I designed the card. I make my card ada Islamic touch sikit with putting Khat in the first page. Love it! :)

I make two types of cards, nipis and hardcover. Hardcover ada riben and it is for family members (300pcs). While nipis will be given to friends (500 pcs).

I make my cards at Jalan Brunei dekat a small printing shop. That Apek sgt cool ok! :) With a good bargaining, I managed to get a very cheap card!

Nipis : 60sen /pc - With inside and outside kertas keras. Card paper
Hardcover : 1.60rm/pc - With one condition.

Condition dia, you have to attach everything by urself. Meaning, you kena assemble/ gam everything, carboard ngan kertas, which is a very small matter to me.. which i suruh si buncit buat eveything since he is always free kan?

Sekali sekali jadi diktator apa salahnyaaa, kan????

he he he he he... :)

there's more to update but later lah... rushing rushing rushing..



Aya said...

nice2.. nmpk very smart! :)

lind said...

simple tapi cantik!