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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cool Hantaran

I went to my fiancee's office mate wedding last week back in Penang.

And I'm overwhelm to see her hantaran decorated by using only toys. Cool kan?




Rings and earnings.

Comellll kann?

The tray is actually jubin marmar. Save cost gila!! and I love it! :)

p/s : pstt.. I got promoted. :P Rezeki kahwin saya sgt murah.Happy happy! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


To adik-adik who are going to Educamp soon and have been kicking me with weird-pemalas-nak-senang question, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeee read my ex-classmate blog, Maria.

Actually I agree everythings on her, except that matrix pahang of being coolest evah. derr. matrix johor lagi best kot! serious! :P *patriotism*

For me la kan, masuk uni mana pon sama ja. it depends on you. kalau masuk univeristi terbaik dunia pon, if YOU did not perform, you end up fail jugak.

and of cos, masuk UTP does not means you are hebat. or you have a great future with atuk PET. or you did not have to pay your academic bills and such. if it is that great, all UTP student tak payah laa nak susah2 struggle to finish all those projects, exam, presentation etc etc. why should kan? dah dijamin kerja whatttt...

think adik adik. life seems to be easy on words. but reality, it dont.

i advise you to choose the area's of what you love to do rather than choosing people-says-this-university-is-great-so-i-must-choose-this-university-too.  rule of thumb, when you have passion of doing things, you will be perform.

look adik adik, to determine your future (career wise) does not depends on which university you are in.  basically, it is all about how you develop your skills. both technical and soft skills. how you overcome problems. how you critical think things. and you must again PERFORM dan BERUSAHA!

and it is all back to rezeki. if you x dapat go through educamp, rilex la. semua benda ada hikmah. bak kata Maria, chillllll ahh!

true story, i was 0.01 away of getting a first class honor. to tell you the truth, i am very frustrated at first. but, when time goes by, the class of your degree doesnt meant it determines you will have a great future ahead.

right now, i am a second upper class and i am securing a great job. proudly saying.

see what i meant.. simple math,

success = (Perfomance + Berusaha - malas )* rezeki^hikmah

ohh by the way, dont think you have straight A's you are already good ehh....

Monday, April 25, 2011

Save the Date


Both of us really would like to invite youuuuu, youu and youuuu to our humble wedding... :)

I know and understand that Penang is quite far from KL.

But to those who do not know, Penang was known to the world as a beautiful, exotic holiday destination. Penang ada Komtar ok! Although Komtar is old but he is handsome!

ok fine. If you thinks komtar is lame, why dont you go to the beach in Batu Feringgi where you guys can go jet skiing, canoeing, parachuting, snorkeling, usha pakwe-in, etc etc. Interesting aite?

sunburn? lets go and see Francis Light  at fort cornwalis or esplanade. Dont you think it is time to proper and understand history?  Francis Light is history. Shariffah Alawiyah is best.

Oh, have you heard of Bukit Bendera? you all boleh daki or take a train, and have a look of the island of Penang as a whole there.. eh.. i saw wedding in Simpang Ampat!!

The food in Penang is awesomely sedap! Penang is the Heaven of food kan? Have a try of laksa penang dekat gurney drive, pasemboq!, nasi kandaq line clear, nasi beriani hameediyah, air sirap + kelapa, jeruk, tauka rendang, sup ekor depan Continental hotel, nasi minyak rumah yaya, bihun singapore, mee goreng mamak, etc etc.

So basically, you wont regret of coming to Penang. ohh actually, you wont regret to come to penang on 28th may 2011. he he he he... :)

here is our save the date. i know i am not good in editing but who cares! :P

 Penang Reception.
To RSVP to Penang Reception : Click here

Kelantan Reception.

To RSVP to Kelantan Reception : Click here
We appreciate for you to come. :)
Thank you!

I am a DIY Bride!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Love Happens


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fun fun fun!!!

I am going to have fun at my wedding. Boleh?

I love this photo to the max!!

Ohh... Pleaseee..
1. Ignore me with no heels.
2. Ignore him with no socks.

We were having fun!!
Fun fun fun!
Fun fair? Bukan..

Fun weddings.
Sounds weird.

but fun fun funnnnnn...

nothing serious.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Im scared that no one would want to attend my ceremony.. "

Nasi lemak

Government now is trying to forbid Nasi lemak in school canteen, untuk elak these students from being obsess.  Ok la kan? Furthermore, nasi lemak kasi mengantuk je every morning.  Well, Tun once told, his biggest secret  untuk tidak absent-minded, he didn’t take nasi lemak at all. 

Nasi lemak Taman Kosas sgt sedap!

Yesterday, supposedly I shall meet my fiancée at Jalan Hang Tuah. Since I’m joining Towerathon, (Panjat tangga KL Tower), and I did not really have time for practicing, I make myself daki tangga as many as I can. Dah x naik escalator okeyh!

And you know what, the stairs in Masjid Jamek (from Putra to Star)  sgt o-m-jay tinggi. So me as being begitu semangat, panjat lah.Ye. Saya gigih. so what?

Best thing is, half way dah kiok. And I was  berangan-ing to have nasi lemak for dinner.

Termegah2 naik, que up to buy STAR ticket to Hang Tuah. When it is my turns, 

Me : Bang, Nasi lemak satu

Brother : Haaa?

Me : Nasi lemak satu..

Brother : Nasi lemak takde. Tiket ade.

Long pause…
Seriously, blur kot. 

Me : Loorr bang. Nak nasi lemak. Satu.

Brother : Tunggu abang abis kerja. Nanti kita makan sama sama yer. (giggling)

Long pause…. Again..
And soon I realized…

Me : Ehhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Bang. Tiket hang tuah satu.

I was ashamed. Gila embrassing! Bertambah2 malu when he and his friends were laughing like hell with selang seli nasi lemak to me. All people in Masjid Jamek were looking at me as weirdo yang gila nasi lemak.

I didn’t know what I am thinking on that time. But all I know, my mind is thinking of,

Nasi Lemak.

Penangan nasi lemak taman kosas. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

" I am getting married!"



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Teaser Pre-Wedding

I'm kind off "malu" nak tunjuk..

But.. hi hi hi hi hi... :D

We both really have blast on our pre-weddings photoshoot.... 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding Cards

I've done with my wedding cards, And I love it. I lurve it!! I lap it!

With the small price I paid, I think its totally worth it. It is a simple card. Very simple. But again, I el-o-ve-e it!!!~

I will shared the pictures and informations about it end of this month. InsyaAllah.

Brooches are now a trend. People are now going for vintage style. Most of brides will go for brooch bouquet.(I am!) Make it as corsages lah. Tu lah. Ni lah.

But have you ever think of putting it in cards? I do!

Looks exclusive kan?

And its will costs you quite err.. ermm.. a lot.!

I'm have been thinking of cheaper way. Let me try whether jadi or not and will load and share it soon. Soon!



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of Akad Nikah Dress

At last, i did it...

I am wayyyyy last minute. It is hard for me to gain trust to people to do with my akad nikah kain.

I found him while blog walking. Love him. Make an appointment. Have a chat with him. Love him even more. Ask him to design. He showed the design. Freaking in love the design. Chat with him. Impressed with his endeavor. Reminds him of myself. Love him again. Book him.

As simple as that.

The red is where he will attach the beading.

Hope everything will be okay...  InsyaAllah.

Him is Najib Salman. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011


Dugaan is ujian.

Ujian means exams.

Exams leads you to grades and performances.

When you perform well means you did well and basically you berjaya dalam ujian.

Vise versa, when you cant do it, you failed.


Ujian ada objectives and subjective.

Objectives is easy. Just mini mini mo if you dont know what is the answer.

Some sort like having options.

In real life, when you are stuck, you always have plan B, C, D or All.

Subjective is hard. If you did not know how to do, you get 0%.

End, you draw spongebob square pants in your paper, make silly notes or bribe the examiner.

In real life, you have no options, you are in dillemma,  all you have to do is to pray and do'a.


I am in subjectives.

I draw myself of being happy.

"Failure is a new beginning"

Friday, April 8, 2011


I am writing another post..
With aiming to write a post..
But I could not write a post..
Because I have no idea what to post..

Bos give me with a post..
Reservoir eng is the post..
No, postman is not my post..
Anyhow, I love reading the post..

I realize there is one post..
Having exactly like my post..
I called that girl "Post"
Because Postostat nickname is Post

I am not angry with Post..
I dont mind actually with the post.
I dont care about the post,
Despite I am happy with that post.
for at least people love with my post.

Post post post post,
everything of this post,
is about post.
But my intention in this post,
is a about Plagiarism of my post.

You may take my post..
and make it as a famous post..
with signature of your own post..

Takpee :) tak marah :)

This is IT world. Plagiarism is everywhere. Whenver you publish a post, be prepare that people will take it as their own. That is the risk of what you should be taken.

Why shall be angry to people stealing urs while you the one who doesnt take a proper care of it?
There is no law saying another people cant take ur post.


By the way, I copy my fyp report from Science Direct during my final years. :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mathematically Doomed

28 May 2011 - 5 April 2011 = 53 days

Working days per month = 20
Working hours per day = 8 hours
Working days = 6.67 days.

Sleeping duration = 7 hours / day
For 53 days = 371 hours.
Sleeping =  15.45 days

Mandi Makan Berangan = 4 hours/day
My moments of time = 8.83 days.

Saturday Sunday Lepak = 14 days.

53 days - 6.67 - 15.45 - 8.83 -14 = 8 days

I only have 8 days to prepare my,
Tok Kadi
Akad Nikah Dress

Lambat lagi.
Lets chillex with kit kat.

See me flying without wings yow!~