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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review : Akad Nikah Attire

Remember this post with my baju akad nikah sketches?

Well.. This is the outcome...

Seriously, Najib Salman would never disappointed you. 

My kain actually is all patch with flower. I bought in Naif, Dubai for RM60/5 yards. Seriously murah.
Then, I requested Najib to patch the flower to my veil macam Elyana tu but make it very simple. :)

My neck and dekat perut were nicely beaded with pearl and swaroski

My theme is Arabian. Banyak yang tanya why I x pakai purdah or bling bling dekat kepala. Well, actually tu semua fashion belly dancer. Bukan fashion arab wedding. Perempuan arab nikah pakai evening gown.

For Abdillah, he wore full Arab's overcoat and jubah. Bought it in Abu Dhabi too.

Makeup is from Dini Alias while hairdo is from Abang Lan. Diorang sgt sporting gilaaA!!!

For akad nikah shoes, I terjumpa dekat street market Dubai for RM30. terus grab.. :P

Then, I paste sticker, "The Bride" , saja nak kasi nampak cool. :D

I ni jenis murah. :)


cik tie@ibtisam said...

murah yg berbal0i~~ stil cute~

Ainee Cumi said...

Cheap tapi cantik sangat. Lawa ahh u punya baju nikah. Serius!