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Friday, June 17, 2011

Review : Pre-Wedding Photo

Since I'm planning to wear a gown during my reception, I bought a package yang ada 2 gowns, 2 coats and pre-wedding photoshoot and some miscellaneous from a Chinese bridal shop.

And since I am not interested nak buat buka poyo-konon cantik- konon romantik - konon sayang-menyayangi - konon whatever, Abdillah and I planned untuk buat muka konon cute untuk mintak penampar... :).

Jadi macam ni...

And so we decided to just have fun during our photoshoot.. We have 8 gowns to be chosen for pre-weds in total. Jadi, we have 8 different styles to pose to with themes.

Style 1 : Do what you want style

Style 2 : English Vintage.

Style 3 : Atuk and Opah
I am so inspired with P-ramlee. :) . Baju and kain batik borrowed from my grandma.

:) :)

Seriously, we have a lot of ideas. We wanted to do some unique and different and fun. Nanti bila tunjuk kat anak-anak in future, they would laugh to see how their pa & ma yang sgt coooolllll dulu dulu.

Since we want it to be perfectly done, we went to the shop a few times to see the studios wallpaper design, props that they have, gowns provided, how the make up being done and all.

We wanted the outcome worth the money we paid for. You should do the same to your photographer too. Make them entertain of what you want.

For the poses and style, we did some research. Read, see and learn.

We didnt wait for the photographers to tell what we should do. Kitaorang hentam apa saja. Till we were out of juices, baru we ask for the photographers of his ideas.

Andd, we watch a lot of ANTM.


I am not good in posing but at least I am very satisfied with my pre-wedding photo. Dah mmg bukan model kan.. :)

And I have another 2 post-wedding up-coming.


liyana said...

cantik2 gambar :)

xde gmbr pre wed pun, x sempat dh.. sobb..sobb.. -.-'

yaya said...

post weds masih ada... :)

Anonymous said...

cantikkkkkkkkkkkkkk sgt..suka yg style opah n atuk tu !!!!!!classic!

fYZa said...

hahaha very the cool lahh!!!

Noor Faridah said...

love it! sgt unik..hehe.. =)

lind said...

idea best gilaa!

pics masa outdoot wedding mcm mana pulak?

oshinz said...

ngeeeeee... gila cool la idea ni. comel kot korang ni.

Renee Meow said...

hi gorgeous bride..! oh i totally like ur pre-wed..!! ada sense of humour to the 'typical-chinese-studio-photoshoot'.. hehe.. i like! :D

oh fyi, i linked n followed u.. :D