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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh my!

3 reasons

1. Im bored.

2. I'm spending my whole week, planning my kawen for next year.

3. Mahu pergi gym!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kawe jatuh hati lalu kecewa

I'm freaking fall in love with this chair yang sgt kena with my theme. Seriously!!. I was thinking to put this infront of my yard since padang rumah saya agak besar. Leh letak dalam 20-30 meja, roughly with no canopy so dia nampak lagi macam garden.. fuuhhh!!! gila jatuh cinta.

Image by khareyan

Sah sah!
Saya mahu!

But ma, she story-story me with this horrified story. She attended a wedding end of may last month. Dia cakap, bila dia pergi kat wedding tu, the weather is so nicee. Then the pengantin datang and tiba2, ribut taufan with angin kencang comes, pengantin semua basah, even guest bawah canopy pon terpaksa lari2 masuk rumah because of the angin tiup hujan thru the canopy. She added, all the scallops and flower for pengantin makan beradap semua terbang. Sedihhh gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

and diaa tambahhhh lagiiiii , hujan ribut lebat at penang slalu on may and june. OMG!! ini lagi menyedihkan!

after that, ma tanya this soalan :
Suka makan kerak nasi x?
 My answer - No

Suka makan dalam mangkuk x?
Me terdiam, and ma sengih.

and she said "Sila start berdoa hari ni ye, you have 1 year to go"


Can fairy tales come true?

Since we were little, we dream of having a wedding like fairy tales. We used to imagine the Cinderella's gown (ohh, saya dari kecik fanatik dekat Bell's gown) , what kind of theme we would want (saya sgt gila dgn garden theme) , colours! (pink and green) and many other things. (Now, korang boleh agak theme dan kaler wedding saya, heh)

Its already exactly one year apart to my wedding days and of cos' a few things need to take care of, choosing reception place (always nak buat dekat rumah), decorations this including door gifts, hantaran, pelamin, bilik pengantin, stairs, garden, ; food are just a few items that come along with this celebration of love. Confirm la kan, nak buat our wedding the most memorable wedding for ourselves, families, as well as for the rest of the guests.

For me, I don't really need a wedding planner or wedding decorators, sebab everything i want to do it for myself. I have this crazy idea for my wedding. Tambah2 ada mak yang begitu creatif, lagi la lemak nak buat sendiri. Even cards and door gifts, kalau boleh nak design dan buat sendiri.(Serious dah design sendiri, tapi still x puas hati). (Tapi merepek la kan nak buat semua sendiri, kalau 1000 guest jemput, mahu kawen postpone lagi 2 tahun, padan muka la kan?) Because of this , of cos u have to tempah. But the thing is, nak buat kat kedai yang cantik2 tu mahal, yang murah2 plak x bekenan. How?

Malas lagi nak layan pasal card.

Continue with wedding plan.

So, ma and I decide to start first with bilik pengantin. Three of us (including nenek) went to kamdar yesterday. Since ma and I boleh jahit (me noob jahit- begineer, saja nak jadi optimis sket) , we googled every single kain, decide which lace can go with the kain, which colour tone is prefect, can it blends with curtain, skirtings, how we want to design the pillow dan macam2. All our kain for bilik pengantin is RM5/meter(lace), RM2/meter(cadar) and RM3.8/meter(curtain) and we spent only about RM100 for bed (ni termasuk kain untuk stairs and 1 kain for my baju raya). Murah kan?

Nanti dah kawen, baru saya show off bilik saya.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soon to be woman.

Im now actively bergerak for my wedding next year.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Adik dan bahasa melayu.

tgh ajar adik bongsu Bahasa Melayu.

Soalan : kena buat ayat tanya.

Jawapan sepatutnya : Susan, kamu hendak ke mana?

Jawapan adik : Susan mau pi mana?


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!

Jadi maid specially for walid.

First Menu:
Ommelette Dress with Brocolli Salad. 

Second Menu:
Bruschetta (versi melayu)

Third Menu :
Swedish Meatball (recipe ikea)

tanam anggur.

susah laa jadi minah chantek nie..

1. Gi stesen minyak, diorang(lelaki) tlg pamkan minyak, bersihkan car window. lepas tu mintak no pone.
2. Diorang phewit pheewitt bila jalan
3. Diorang bagi hadiah yang chomel2. konon dari secret adimire.
4. Diorang ingat minah chantek nie perempuan idaman mereka.
5. Tgk profile facebook minah chantek tiap2 hari.

Saya la perempuan chantek tu.

her her her.

tunjuk pipi mintak penampar.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Cupcakes for future mother in law, designed by me!


tapi ok la untuk begineer. heh!

off to kelantannnn!

My Cook book - Cappucino on Ice

Serious macam Cappuccino Expresso Coffee Beans. Sila try.

1. Bancuh kopi dengan air. Masuk condensed milk. Stir.

2. Masuk whipped cream. Stir.

3. Add 1 tablespoon Vanilla Extract. 

4. Siap!! Macam biasa, nak mengada-mengada letak dalam cocktail glass.

Presentation : Expresso Cappucino ala Coffee Bean

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Play time with yoka.

Cross Stich

To people who doesn't know what is cross stitch - it is counted thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in tiles. Simple say is, all you need is to see the map (yes, dia ada map), den kira2 which box in your cloth that you should do the stitches.

So, cross-stitch. I spent my hari hari mengangur with this. You know, I’ve gotta say, its difficult at first but when as the stitches goes by, it will be easier. However, you gonna to have "juling" syndrome in order to calculate the small small box on the "aida cloth" (cloth for cross stitch).

I am a big fan of the traditional stuff. I was being inspired by mum who is very "taiko" with embroidery. We have an elaborate cross-stitch sampler made by my mum hanging on the our dining room wall.

This is my progress for a week.

Here is the pattern looks like : (map)

This is my cross kit :

I’m still not sure what I’ll do with it when it’s finished, but I can’t wait to finish it up. Maybe frame it? Make a pillow? A bag? hurmm..

Wait till I finish it, I let you know.

p/s: angan2 nak buat emboidery untuk cadar kawen.

Mum's Birthday

Anak anak tgh giving gift to their mum .

Eldest (me) - Buku Cupcakes (mum loves it very much. heeee!!)
2nd sis - Perfume
3rd adik - Tolong kemas rumah. (beliau kecik lagi. so takde duit nak beli hadiah best2)
adik last  - "Ma, nanti mama tua, mama x dak gigi. Nanti atah bagi gigi atah kat mama bila tua ek".

kami (kakak2 dan ibu) sgt sgt terkesima.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tukar tittle

apa barang letak title JOM BREAKFAST kalau hari-hari bangun kul 12. ishk ishk ishk.

tukar tukar!

Jom Breakfast to Real. Life. Story.


My Cookbook - Mash Potato

Jom masak masak. A very simple menu learn't from makcik syed adie.

1.Boil potatoes.

2. Mash it. Masuk butter, garam secukup rasa and black pepper. And siap!!

3. Ok. Yang ni mengada.

Presentation : Mash potato serve with bake beans. Ceyy!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Packing balik rumah to my sayangs sayangs di rumah.

Introducing you, my grandma.
Her husband, my atuks sayang, died on 2005.
All the feelings describe for us , the family,
especially my beloved hababa.
(oh tiba-tiba teringat, beliau sgt sedih pada hari tersebut smp bantal busuk saya jadi mangsa.tukar sheet bantal busuk kaler coklat yang sepatutnya oren. seminggu tak leh tidur sebab bau mengasyikan itu tidak ada. ok x lawak.continue)

She made me realizes that,
When one day, you gonna to wake up,
and all the big stuff and all the milestones that you were looking forward to,
having kids,
your grandkids,
its all behind you, its all over.
And you just realize that you have
a bunch of yesterday and a few tommorow.

So, marilah kita mengenjoikan diri kita,
lepak satu dunia.
tgk satu dunia.
daripada memeningkan kepala dengan masalah dunia.
However, that is exceptional.
But this is important,
Spend time with your love ones,
because they are your tommorow.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Lagenda budak setan sungguh BEST

kemarahan sudah hilang.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A letter to Si Yaya Tua

Terpengaruh dengan How I Met Your Mother.

(To be Opened on August 16)
Dear Future Yaya,

Please be reminded that on the day before your exams, you are not studying but busy finishing your Grey Anatomy Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Please dont get your hopes to high to get an A for both subjects (Process Optimization and Operation Management) or regreting that you should have studied in past. I remind you again, you didnt study.

Also, You didnt do well for your FYP presentation. WHY?
- you are too busy lepakin mamaks and ipoh.
- you did you slides a day before your presentation.
- you dint practice you slide.
- you are too busy watching ADAMAYA.
Please dont mutter much and assuming you shall got an A while you've already got C+ for your poster presention.

Please acknowledged that your past is not as lucky as what it usually has been.

If you didnt have any offer yet, I presume you didnt work hard and you should find back your lucky stone.

Sekian, Terima Kasih.

Present Yaya

Cerita Cinta Roti Canai - episode 6

Tgh turun elevator and he is pushing around.

Me : Jangan la duk men2. Kalau saya jatuh macamana?
Beliau : Pecah la.
Me : Haaa! Tau pon pecah. Macamana nak awak nak jawap ngan mak pak saya kepala saya pecah?
Beliau : Ehh.. bukan kepala awak yang pecah. Lantai tu yang pecah la.
Me : ....................

Thursday, June 3, 2010


We have nothing to do,

Last2 we went to dentist.

Beliau kena tampal dua lubang.

Saya pula karang gigi penuh.

Tapi gigi saya cantik ok!

Takde lubang2, karang gigi je.

Both of us RM150.

and of cos dia yang bayar.


Dia Sgt Ensem

(Ok nie dia yang curi2 type bila me p dapur buat air)

Perasan nak mampus.

Cinta Kelabu Anatomy

See what Darick did when he is purposing Meridth.

flower, tedi, candle, choc

See what I got when adie tried to purpose me.

smalam he fold napkin tisu paper to be a flower infront of me. konon, nak tunjuk cinta beliau. ceh!
tak nampak flower langsung ok!

Kesian kan?

Tolong jadi macam Darick boleh tak!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cik yaya yang tak de life.

Tanda-tanda cik yaya berada di rumah.

1. Sampai2 rumah, cik yaya akan menjerit dekat adik2 sebab punggah/menyemak/mengambil barang2 beliau.

2. Akan terdengar pekikan pekikan adik adik menuduh satu sama lain.

3. Bila pekikan itu berlanjutan, maka pekikan ibu dan bapa suruh anak2 diam pula akan dengar.

4. Salah seorang adik akan menangis, salah satu akan bebel, salah satu buat bodo. (cik yaya ada 3 orang adik perempuan)

5. TV merupakan satu benda baru untuk cik yaya. Waktu malam akan dengar cik yaya bergaduh ngan bapanya untuk remote control TV. (bergadoh manja2)

6. Bapa menyesal anak sulung dia balik rumah sebab dia tak boleh tgk TV. Tapi bila cik yaya kat UTP, bapa asyik duk panggil pulang.

7. Pagi2, akan dengar bapak menjerit cakap kerja dia bukan cop duit. Sebab cik yaya guna air cond sampai pukul 2 pm dari malam.

8. Mak pun akan menjerit "anak dara baloq tidur smp kul 2 pm. Bangun!!"

9. Malam next day pula, cik yaya akan menyelinap masuk bilik mak dan bapak beliau untuk berkongsi air cond. Tgk2 semua adik tidur dalam bilik tu. Bilik parents cik yaya ada 2 king bed, tapi cik yaya prefer tidur bawah utk mengelakkan diri dari kena tampar dan tendang dari adik2.

10. Sebelum adik2 bangun, cik yaya kena bangun dulu lari masuk bilik sendiri. Mengelakkan diri kena kemas bilik. Undang2 rumah cik yaya - sapa bangun last kena kemas bilik.

11. Bila ia berlarutan selama beberapa hari, bapa dah mula tanya, bila nak dapat kerja? (statement halau siot)

12. Bapak offer kerja dengan beliau. Sumpah x nak!

13. Dekat rumah baru ingat nak diet. Sebab malam2 mak yaya x masak. So anak2 pandai2 la goreng telur + ikan kering untuk makan. Takpon meggi. Takpon lepak kedai mamak.

14. Cik yaya pergi enjoy dengan kawan2. Seminggu takde kat rumah.

15. Cik yaya dah rasa bosan. Cik yaya sibuk sedang cari kerja.

End of my life.