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Friday, June 25, 2010

Can fairy tales come true?

Since we were little, we dream of having a wedding like fairy tales. We used to imagine the Cinderella's gown (ohh, saya dari kecik fanatik dekat Bell's gown) , what kind of theme we would want (saya sgt gila dgn garden theme) , colours! (pink and green) and many other things. (Now, korang boleh agak theme dan kaler wedding saya, heh)

Its already exactly one year apart to my wedding days and of cos' a few things need to take care of, choosing reception place (always nak buat dekat rumah), decorations this including door gifts, hantaran, pelamin, bilik pengantin, stairs, garden, ; food are just a few items that come along with this celebration of love. Confirm la kan, nak buat our wedding the most memorable wedding for ourselves, families, as well as for the rest of the guests.

For me, I don't really need a wedding planner or wedding decorators, sebab everything i want to do it for myself. I have this crazy idea for my wedding. Tambah2 ada mak yang begitu creatif, lagi la lemak nak buat sendiri. Even cards and door gifts, kalau boleh nak design dan buat sendiri.(Serious dah design sendiri, tapi still x puas hati). (Tapi merepek la kan nak buat semua sendiri, kalau 1000 guest jemput, mahu kawen postpone lagi 2 tahun, padan muka la kan?) Because of this , of cos u have to tempah. But the thing is, nak buat kat kedai yang cantik2 tu mahal, yang murah2 plak x bekenan. How?

Malas lagi nak layan pasal card.

Continue with wedding plan.

So, ma and I decide to start first with bilik pengantin. Three of us (including nenek) went to kamdar yesterday. Since ma and I boleh jahit (me noob jahit- begineer, saja nak jadi optimis sket) , we googled every single kain, decide which lace can go with the kain, which colour tone is prefect, can it blends with curtain, skirtings, how we want to design the pillow dan macam2. All our kain for bilik pengantin is RM5/meter(lace), RM2/meter(cadar) and RM3.8/meter(curtain) and we spent only about RM100 for bed (ni termasuk kain untuk stairs and 1 kain for my baju raya). Murah kan?

Nanti dah kawen, baru saya show off bilik saya.

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