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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review : DIY Guest Book Table

I think 90% of my decorations of wedding were made from papers!!! :)

I was so inspired with Martha Stewards Paper Flower. Sangat comel!  So me as a gigih person, make a huge amount of this kind of flower.

The flowers was then decorated boolatt with some extra leaves and small white flowers.

Crepe paper can be bought in Kedai Riben, Masjid Jamek for 40cent/pc.
Total cost for this decorated flower is around/less than RM30. :D

For guest book signage, I bought medium size mounting paper for RM1/pc dekat kedai stationery. I printed tulisan dia (choose your own font) and paste.

I bought paper puncher (flower design) for RM10 dekat Jaya Jusco. Pastu I punched guna used colored paper and HENTAM decorate dekat mounting board tersebut. :D

Jadi laa macam ni......

please ignore segala kesan comot. 

Total cost : RM1... 

Kesimpulan, jadi la macam nie.. :)

please ignore segala tidak tersusun atas meja.

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Wan Iqa said...

hai sy nk tanye nk buat design dekat frame tolsby tu mcm mane ye