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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Hand Bouquet

I went to Semua House, googling every shops in Masjid Jamek for 6 hours.. surveying and buying wedding stuff. My main agenda is to cari bahan bahan to DIY my hand bouquet exactly.

With hope it can turns out to be like this...

Unfortunately, it turns out to be likee...

Sungguh tidak berseni. I am definitely sending this off to my mother. She have that magic hands. :(

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tiny Budget for Pre-Wedding photo?

Well, milk-a-deal are doing promotions!

For only RM42!! you can absolutely have your pre wedding photo with 1 8R photo and 1 CD with unlimted photos.

Click here for more information...

Google Travelling

I told you! I am not good in being sick (again) and being stuck at home with nothing to do.

So I make my self travel around the worlddddddddddddddd of google....

I went to north pole!

I went to visit The Great Wall of China

I went to see Paris at night.

I went to Egypt to see the pyramids and to give Mubarak a piece of my mind.

To see Viking in German. 

I went to Taiwan to see their Bio Lab

and I found Kampung Bongek in Rembau in google maps!

So who wants souvenirs?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia sapa yang tahu

I have been angau-ing, berangan-ing, and dreaming that in our first night...

on the bed, with a dimmed light accompanied with the scent of aroma candle and fresh flowers petals scattered around our bedroom..

with a romantic music..

there is one moment,

he look through my eye..

he lean his body towards me,

and whisper to me slowly through my ears his big secret...

"Saya sebenarnya millionaire"

and he continues..

"Saya nak cari perempuan yang sayang saya bukan harta saya"


I will be the happiest people on earth!!!


Well, welcome to my world of merepek imaginations....


On the other hand, i received my birthday present from him! yesterday. At last!. My birthday was actually in the month of November.

3 months postponed. Elok sgt!!

He gave me this.

Handmade by himself totally. Boleh percaya ke? Bolehhh!! Sebab cara dia gam2 altogether, agak merepek but he claimed it as awesome finishing.

I think its awesome too! Me likey!! :)

I love you bebeh! :)


I gave him this on his birthday last year...

P/s : Baby, since you are a millionaire now, may i have Lamborghini Gallardo Special Edition in white colour pleaseee... ;)


My colleagues told me to buy a cheap washing machine instead of the expensive ones sebab the cheap one tends to bergegar lagi banyak.

Am not going to tell you the reason. You figure it yourself!


I am innocent wey!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Doorgifts for kids!

Kids tends to be very excited to have gifts. But they were only excited to have what is inside not what is outtttsideeee!! What I meant tu, wrappers laa!

They will take everything inside, outside punya they will give to us back as rubbish! Punyalaa penat kita balut satu per satu, penat lelah gam sana sini, bagi lawa...ishk! .. Bebai kan?

So I decided to used something easier and comel for these kids. Of courselah, yang tidak menyusahkan gila and tidak mahal. But for me, being kedekut as usuall, I love to have yang tak mahal, susah takpe..

Here are some options ..
Plastic bags.
This is the cheapest and easiest!

If you can find cheap lollipop, you can tie a ribbon and tq tags on the lollypop stick. Simple enough?

And I did not prefer to give this to the kids.
This organza alone costs me 50 cents. The edibles inside may costs another 50 cents. RM 1 door gifts for kids? No! No! Akak nak bagi 40 cents punya barang je kat adik2.

Yee.. Akak kedekut.

Kids have no sentimental value ok. 50 cents for less than 100 kids, I still wont mind. But for 300 kids! Its a big NA'A! I dont what this organza to be around on my garden at the end of my wedding ok!

Anyhow, I diyed wrappers for kids which costs me around 4 cents.


Wanna to know? Datang laa kenduri. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I still remember

I miss my late grandpa. Its been 6 years since he left me.

I cried when I realized that he will not be there in my wedding day.

He knows me well despite of others. He listens to me 18 years ago of all my wedding fairytale dream.

I remember the first time, he bought me a Beauty and The Beast video. In the age of 5, I am inspired to see Beauty and the Beast danced together gloriously with that stunning yellow gowns.

I imagined me as Beauty.I want to be Beauty in my wedding day .Its sounds so childish yet naive, but it is my dream of 18 years ago.

:)..  Big girls are still allowed to dream, aren't we?

I still remember, I fought with him. I want to watch BatB but he wants P Ramlee.

I still remember, I kept on babbling about my wedding dream at afternoon on the bed while he was trying to take a nap.

I still remember, he watched me colouring Beauty.

I still remember, he and I watch that cartoon together.

I still remember, he promised me to tailor me that Beauty gowns.

I still remember, he broke my heart by telling me he cant make it to my wedding day.

My heart scattered.
I cried.
Again and again.
I miss him.

Habib and me.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I won!!

For many many competition I've participated, for only thiss, I WON!! woohoo!
Syukur Alhamdulillah, rezeki kahwin bak kata orang.

For at least, with the prizes, I can reduce the burdens carried. :).
Getting married is not an easy stuff!.. Money is the most crucial part for making this event success.
For me, as a fresh engineer with 5 months baru masuk kerja, x banyak yang boleh simpan.
I regretted sebab x savings while in university masa dapat JPA scholarship. Itu laa, enjoy x hengaatt!

I decided to take bus instead of buying a car although down deep, I want a black Vios!
I decided to ignore IPHONE.
I decided to ignore LV bag.
I decided to ignore most of my desire. :( *sobs*

Tapi its ok, because I am marrying the person I love! Much worthy than LV. :)

Hence, I would gives my highest gratitude, specially to CST and Lynda Rahim for making my dream comes true and for giving us the opportunity to tell our story and express our loves. Not forgetting  families and friends and even strangers out there yang bagi us support till end.

On the other hand, I just figured out that, if you search CST or Lynda in facebook, you will see this..

To those 372 people who shared my post, thank you very very much. I may or may not know you but I hope, takde yang kutuk2 ehh.. :P

Apa lagi ehh...?

Oh yea.. thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhh to Cik Liyana , HusnaLalink, and Aliza for reviewing my entry post. Comel laa korang ni!!

To those who just came to  my blog, I would say, Selamat Datang. Kalau terbaca entry tengah marah2 tu, sorry laa ek, tgh period masa tu.. :)


*hugs and kisses*

Makeup Dilemma

I am confius. Lots of people cakap my engangement make up were gorgeous. But somehow, some said it looks like an opera cina with banyak bedak bertempek.

This make up was from New York Bridal in Penang. I have been their customer since form 5 to made a graduation photo.

Engangement Makeup

The price are affordable. Boleh tahan. Hurm!