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I write with humble. I scribble with passion. I doodle with emotions.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I still remember

I miss my late grandpa. Its been 6 years since he left me.

I cried when I realized that he will not be there in my wedding day.

He knows me well despite of others. He listens to me 18 years ago of all my wedding fairytale dream.

I remember the first time, he bought me a Beauty and The Beast video. In the age of 5, I am inspired to see Beauty and the Beast danced together gloriously with that stunning yellow gowns.

I imagined me as Beauty.I want to be Beauty in my wedding day .Its sounds so childish yet naive, but it is my dream of 18 years ago.

:)..  Big girls are still allowed to dream, aren't we?

I still remember, I fought with him. I want to watch BatB but he wants P Ramlee.

I still remember, I kept on babbling about my wedding dream at afternoon on the bed while he was trying to take a nap.

I still remember, he watched me colouring Beauty.

I still remember, he and I watch that cartoon together.

I still remember, he promised me to tailor me that Beauty gowns.

I still remember, he broke my heart by telling me he cant make it to my wedding day.

My heart scattered.
I cried.
Again and again.
I miss him.

Habib and me.