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Monday, February 14, 2011

Doorgifts for kids!

Kids tends to be very excited to have gifts. But they were only excited to have what is inside not what is outtttsideeee!! What I meant tu, wrappers laa!

They will take everything inside, outside punya they will give to us back as rubbish! Punyalaa penat kita balut satu per satu, penat lelah gam sana sini, bagi lawa...ishk! .. Bebai kan?

So I decided to used something easier and comel for these kids. Of courselah, yang tidak menyusahkan gila and tidak mahal. But for me, being kedekut as usuall, I love to have yang tak mahal, susah takpe..

Here are some options ..
Plastic bags.
This is the cheapest and easiest!

If you can find cheap lollipop, you can tie a ribbon and tq tags on the lollypop stick. Simple enough?

And I did not prefer to give this to the kids.
This organza alone costs me 50 cents. The edibles inside may costs another 50 cents. RM 1 door gifts for kids? No! No! Akak nak bagi 40 cents punya barang je kat adik2.

Yee.. Akak kedekut.

Kids have no sentimental value ok. 50 cents for less than 100 kids, I still wont mind. But for 300 kids! Its a big NA'A! I dont what this organza to be around on my garden at the end of my wedding ok!

Anyhow, I diyed wrappers for kids which costs me around 4 cents.


Wanna to know? Datang laa kenduri. :)


neerna hazeera said...

lollipops' a good idea n comel.;)

LittleSunshine said...

budak kecik bg lolippop sudah!!itupun dh bngga gila bila dh msuk dlm mulut..ahaks

Anonymous said...

akak kedekuttttt !...
saya wakil kanak2 yg bakal dapat lolippop tu...

Wani said...

same thoughts!my full support to u!hehe

yaya said...

neerne : yeah.. lollipop sgt cutee kan?

sunshine : itulah.. diorang dapat benda makan sudah la..

anoni : yee! akak kedekut... hehhe

wani : thank you babe! :)