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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia sapa yang tahu

I have been angau-ing, berangan-ing, and dreaming that in our first night...

on the bed, with a dimmed light accompanied with the scent of aroma candle and fresh flowers petals scattered around our bedroom..

with a romantic music..

there is one moment,

he look through my eye..

he lean his body towards me,

and whisper to me slowly through my ears his big secret...

"Saya sebenarnya millionaire"

and he continues..

"Saya nak cari perempuan yang sayang saya bukan harta saya"


I will be the happiest people on earth!!!


Well, welcome to my world of merepek imaginations....


On the other hand, i received my birthday present from him! yesterday. At last!. My birthday was actually in the month of November.

3 months postponed. Elok sgt!!

He gave me this.

Handmade by himself totally. Boleh percaya ke? Bolehhh!! Sebab cara dia gam2 altogether, agak merepek but he claimed it as awesome finishing.

I think its awesome too! Me likey!! :)

I love you bebeh! :)


I gave him this on his birthday last year...

P/s : Baby, since you are a millionaire now, may i have Lamborghini Gallardo Special Edition in white colour pleaseee... ;)


My colleagues told me to buy a cheap washing machine instead of the expensive ones sebab the cheap one tends to bergegar lagi banyak.

Am not going to tell you the reason. You figure it yourself!


I am innocent wey!


kisah aku said...

nk angau ing gaklah :P

Embun Pagi said...


LittleSunshine said...

romantisnya.sweet sgt.. =)

Wani said...

mesin basuh gegar??hahaha=p

yaya said...

story saya : jom! best kot!

embun : wee hanks!

sunshine : :) thank u!

wani : hehehehehe... no komen.. :P

miss puteri said...

suke byk! hye yaya! hee

yaya said...

Hello princesss...