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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Google Travelling

I told you! I am not good in being sick (again) and being stuck at home with nothing to do.

So I make my self travel around the worlddddddddddddddd of google....

I went to north pole!

I went to visit The Great Wall of China

I went to see Paris at night.

I went to Egypt to see the pyramids and to give Mubarak a piece of my mind.

To see Viking in German. 

I went to Taiwan to see their Bio Lab

and I found Kampung Bongek in Rembau in google maps!

So who wants souvenirs?


masmOna said...

hi yaya =) even tho baru first time i jumpa blog u ni..tp i suka. u kelakar rupenye..*tergelak sengsorang*..pasal travelling tru google ni pun u boleh terpk..hehehehe

yaya said...

masmona : hehehe.. thank you!