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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I won!!

For many many competition I've participated, for only thiss, I WON!! woohoo!
Syukur Alhamdulillah, rezeki kahwin bak kata orang.

For at least, with the prizes, I can reduce the burdens carried. :).
Getting married is not an easy stuff!.. Money is the most crucial part for making this event success.
For me, as a fresh engineer with 5 months baru masuk kerja, x banyak yang boleh simpan.
I regretted sebab x savings while in university masa dapat JPA scholarship. Itu laa, enjoy x hengaatt!

I decided to take bus instead of buying a car although down deep, I want a black Vios!
I decided to ignore IPHONE.
I decided to ignore LV bag.
I decided to ignore most of my desire. :( *sobs*

Tapi its ok, because I am marrying the person I love! Much worthy than LV. :)

Hence, I would gives my highest gratitude, specially to CST and Lynda Rahim for making my dream comes true and for giving us the opportunity to tell our story and express our loves. Not forgetting  families and friends and even strangers out there yang bagi us support till end.

On the other hand, I just figured out that, if you search CST or Lynda in facebook, you will see this..

To those 372 people who shared my post, thank you very very much. I may or may not know you but I hope, takde yang kutuk2 ehh.. :P

Apa lagi ehh...?

Oh yea.. thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhh to Cik Liyana , HusnaLalink, and Aliza for reviewing my entry post. Comel laa korang ni!!

To those who just came to  my blog, I would say, Selamat Datang. Kalau terbaca entry tengah marah2 tu, sorry laa ek, tgh period masa tu.. :)


*hugs and kisses*


lovelyadibah said...

tahniah!hehe~..mesti lagi semangat nk kawen kan??hehe~..xsabarnyer nk tgk hasil CST dan bj LYnda Rahim yang vogue itu..hehehe

LittleSunshine said...

tahniah sekali lg..mmg best prize yg yaya menang..& keputusan juri amat tepat pilih entry yaya..

liza pun xsbr nk tgk hasil nya nnti =)

Noor Faridah said...

tahniah kak! just followed ur blog yesterday... =p very nice blog! sgt comel...sgt sweet! congrats again!!! =)

hana said...

mmg rezeki nk kawen nh..
semoge bahagia hingga akhir hayat k...

MAI @ WAWA said...

congrats dear ;)
selamat kahwen! ;))

Reen Tart Nenas said...

congrats! cerita yg hebat, mmg patut menang :) plot yg amat menarik :)

kisah aku said...

kelas~~~~ taniah

asfz lily said...

sweet entry tu..btw, u dah nak kawen kan...kan..kan..selamat pengantin baru yek! :D

tak sabar nak tengok hasil karya cst & bj lynda rahim tu :)

Cik Liyana said...

sma2....resepsi kat kelate i nak pegi tau...hahha muka tak malu mintak dijemput !

Wani said...

congrats yaya!!you deserve it!

yellowie roses said...

tahniah dear =D

aNnE said...


farahfatihah said...

tahniah dear!!!! u deserve it!!!