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Monday, June 27, 2011


We went to Krabi for honeymoon. And its awesomeeee!!!~

We bought the tickets during Air Asia RM1 per seat promotion. Berbaloii!.

Since it is a honeymoon, for the first time, ehem ehem, we decided to stay in five-star hotel with private pool and private jacuzzi for us.Banyak sikit tempat nak explore. :). Its in Tubaek Beach. 30 minutes from Aonang.

If you are more keen into privacy, sila sila la ke Tubaek. Nak enjoy g Aonang.

The packages we bought ada Romance Dinner beside the beach. :) Best sgt!

Since the beach are so private, you can do whatever you want there without any ganguan dari segala.
So, I did a surprise breakfast specially for him.

Bunga-bunga tu I petik bunga hotel. The waiter there sgt baik, they helped me decorated the flower dalam jar. :)

And I dibalas of this surprise the next morning. :)

 We went for Island tour (4 Island). The island is fantastic! Best!

And elephant ride!!

The food in Tubaek susah sikit nak dapat. If you suka amik cabaran, you can go to Aonang via Motobike for RM35/day. Kitaorang sesat nak balik at 11pm for 2 hours. Anyhoos, its adventurous.

Oh! we stayed at Anyavee Tubaek Beach Resort. The hotel is quite expensive.

But kitaorang dilayan seperti raja dan permaisuri. We were pick up and sent from/to airport via a Limo ok!

And its worth the money!


Illi Hzbull said...

awww comel!

HaFizaH aYu said...

ololo so sweet

lind said...

oh krabiii.. teringinn nak pii

omai.n i k l i s a said...

Krabi seems nice!

btw, i adore u!

i want to have DIY wedding also.
eventhough im only 20, and not intended to get married or what. HAHAHA