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Monday, May 30, 2011


Everything went out smoothly alhamdulillah... and I am now officially a wife of Syed Ahmad Abdillah Buncit..

I nangis like orang gilaa during akad nikah, depan segala makcik, pakcik, kawan dan segala... sgt embarrassing..  fine!

its weird to have someone sleeping beside you at night..
sgt tak overhelm to pack things up for two people..

everything seems to be very new..
and it very stressful to think of, could I be a good wife?

Yes, I know,
I am in a new journey...
as a wife..

even tough  , the very first day, I FAIL BUAT NESCAFE.. (takde 3 in 1) 

takpe.. belajarrrrrr... mari google resipi buat nescafe..


HaFizaH aYu said...

tahniah dear moga jadi isteri solehah & penyejuk hati suami

liyana said...

congrats! :)

tqahmisdar said...

tahniah! =)

Faziera193 said...

tahniah!!! =)

MAI a.k.a WAWA said...

congrats dear.. :) selamat menjalani hidup suami isteri.. ;)) p/s: u look pweetyy.. ;)

cikMayat said...

sweet :).
selamat pengantin baruuuuu..