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Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

I've seen a lot, a lotttt of contest and that  keen to participate. Until, I found this contest advert, and I was like, ohh yeah! definitely gonna to join!

Its VASELINE bebeh! What makes you to not joining? kan?

anddddd.... the prizes! oh my god! First prizes worth RM3000 and Vaseline product!. brrrrr! *dreaming*

Alrite, back to business. For this contest, all I need to do is to tell them how my skin is moist.


To tell you the truth, I am a fan of vaseline. Ini serious bukan bodek!. Seriously, this product is awesome, it makes my face moist, glowing and pretty of course eh? .Let me story mory you my little tiny secret.

Long time ago, I admit ed, I am not pretty. My lips are dry. My skin looks like an orange peel skin. Rough and damage. Dulu no boyfriend. noob! Tgk member ada boyfriend. Oh! Sgt jealous, low self confidence and  esteem. I am very shy (konon malu malu kucing) with the skin until I avoid to socialize with people surround.

Until, my very best friend introduce me Vaseline.Vaseline comes to the rescue!. Few months later, my skin started to glow. And I become pretty dan comelness. My currently-now-fiance-tapi-dulu-hanya-member noticed me. Purpose me and now I am getting married. Wehoo!
macam cerita hindustan pulak. although ada sedikit tokok dan tambah. but hey! they allowed me to use my imagination okai!.

Okai okai! Truly, I started to use Vaseline since my secondary school. I tried to change to other product duh, but none can compete with Vaseline. Vaseline is my best friend!. She has to be with me everytime!. She's always in my handbag, my study table and even on my bed. Bila dia di merata-merata, I wont forgot to use it.

Its cheap, affordable and impactful. The smellllll! ohhh myyyy goood (ala ala usher)

Yeah! I am getting married, I need to be pretty. In order to to be pretty, beautiful and looking young, I MUST USE VASELINE!. And Vaseline should make me win first prizes so I can use more and more vaseline product to make me pretty for my wedding day and that 3000 ringgit, I can use to pay for a photographer to snap snap my so glowing moist skin which I can showing off to my family and friend. And of coursee on the same time to promote your product. Ehe!

 Oh yeah, remember my kayap? I used petroleum jelly and lotion (Vaseline product of course!) to make my scar fade. AND IT WORKS! yeahhoo!

Tak percaya? Here is the proves!

my kayapness faded 90%.
Vaseline can do  Miracle!
Oh yea. Please notice my moist skin. Bwahahhaa!

See! Vaseline is an awesome product!! Proves you dah kan?

Alrite last but not least, I need to upload my self with skin. Hmm..

vaseline makes me cute and confident!

 Lets celebrate skin and moisture.

One more thing. Jom join!
Click here okeh?


epol said...

ouh cik sharifah jd duta vaselin kah?

kawan sy pakai utk ketuat kat kaki..haha

yaya said...

hahaha.. saya pakai untuk kayap okai!

Ms Ave T said...

Great post and good luck for the comp!

Miss Ave T

yaya said...

Oh tenkiu ave!!