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Monday, August 16, 2010

Kayaapp oh Kamu!

Herpes Zoster.
I am a virus.
My mom is ChickenPox.
When mum died 20 years ago,
I've been evolving myself in dermis independently.
I am a virus who always fall in love with dermis.

 As you can see,
When both of us react to one another,
We will produce blister on the skin.
This is the sign of our loves.

Our loves equal to pain.
This include fever, headache and ache.
Since the person immune system is impaired,
We are just happily to spread our territory all over the skin.

Herpeves can kill me.
It needs to take one tablet for every 4 hrs.
But now its Ramadhan.
And I think I wont suffer much.
And will live happily ever after with dermis.


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