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Monday, August 16, 2010

Please beware with Job Scam

I was doing some of job research untill I was shocked by this JOB SCAM. If you did job hunting, there is some of the company will asked you to include your personal data online instead of sending the email. ada pernah occur x?

Well, here is how theft scam involved. They will hack the companies data security, find out all our personal details. Then a human resources director will sent along a promising e-mail that they are interested in you. They will want you to complete the Application form once again for the interview session. (This is still normal)

The application form includes your age, height, weight, Social Security number, bank account numbers, even your mother’s maiden name. It was all just an elaborate identity theft scam designed to prey on the most vulnerable potential victims which is us desperately mau kerja.

But please be sure that, THERE WILL BE NO COMPANY WILL ASK FOR YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBERS AND SSN. This will only happens for your first day work where you need to fill in again all your personal details which include your bank account number for your monthly salary. (x letak means kang nanti x dpt gaji). Ingat hanya berlaku masa first day kerja, bukan masa dpt offer letter!Some company will even asked you to open a new account for salary purposes.

Oh yea, do not be fooled too if they have sent you the 3-10 pages of agreement letter.

Ini tips if you get red flags.

  • Request for bank account numbers.
  • Request for Social Security number (SSN).
  • Request to "scan the ID" of a job seeker, for example, an IC or drivers' license. Scam artists will say they need to
  • scan job seekers' IDs to "verify identity." This is not a legitimate request.
  • A contact email address that is not a primary domain. For example, an employer calling itself "Omega Inc." with a Yahoo! email address.
  • Misspellings and grammatical mistakes in the job ad.
  • Monster.com lists descriptive words in job postings that are tip-offs to fraud. Their list includes "package-forwarding," "money transfers," "wiring funds," "eBay," and "PayPal." World Privacy Forum researchers also found that the terms "Foreign Agent Agreement" often appears in contracts and emails sent to job seekers.  
 You can click here for more information.

Duit is everything sekarang ni.. Sigh!

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