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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I think I just witnessed flash mob.

We went to Bora Ombak for fine dinner after came down from Bukit Ampang. So, as we were there sitting annoying each other, tiba-tiba, a large amount of people all around the restaurants pergi depan and dance grooving to the music. People here I mean not youngster as seen in previous video, but age around our parents. Sehhh!!!!!! I just talk about flashmob few days back and there, berlaku depan mata sendiri tanpa sedar. Like a dream comes true.

Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Seronok!

Personally, saya jugak mahu berjoget-joget dengan pakcik-pakcik dan makcik-makcik semua.

Kami?? No komen.


Now lets talk about Bukit Ampang. For the first time, after 2 years of memujuk si bangla tua ni untuk ke sini, I managed to come here. Woot woot!

Haiiyyaahh!! Kedebushh kedebushhh!! Deserve this for making me crazy falling in love with you. 


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