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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If you are above 18teen, you may read this.

Please answer my question.

Is medical checkup for offshore (overseas), for men, do they really ermm hurmm.. masturbate to get their sperms checked?

I wonderrr.. hurm! Apa diorang actually nak check for that "thing" eh?

Keganasan activity sperm? atau kelajuan sperm bergerak? ehh !

Sorry if too melalut here but hey I WANT TO KNOW!

Alrite, here is the story. I went to KLCC Medical Centre yesterday to do some medical checkup. And ada satu group of men dekat situ which they are going to do offshore medical checkup which they claimed they will be going to Russia.

I did my offshore medical checkup too. One of it, kena buat urine test. Ada long que (that group of men-6 actually) that I have to wait. Its not a que actually, they will call your name and you will be escorted. I waited betul2 infront of the toilet. Lamaaaa gilaa, one man out, berpeluh-peluh. Satu lagi masuk, 10minutes macamtu, then kuar senyum2 pulak. So I was thinking, takkan nak urinate pon amik 10 mins? Pelik!. Until the last one masuk, 15 minutes. And dia kuar from the toilet, telling his friends, "Weyhh susah gila nak kuar!".


OK.. Am I otak jenis blue or they actually did "it"?

If betul, means my theory is CORRECT. But if salah, my BRAIN is totally DAMAGE.

Tapi diorang pergi ke toilet for the second time, and this time is actually very fast!. Which I assumed it is for urine.

Oh yeah, one more thing, diorang x puasa which also proves my theory is still correct.

Tolong jawap!


renjizakura said...


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

hik3 , uish nora bawah 18 yek hik3 perasan tul :P

yaya said...

renji : jawappp~!

nora : ye ehh bawah 18??

renjizakura said...


Anonymous said...

it's poo :)