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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saya Smallville.

Pergi this interview for a part time job at McDonalds. Lama dah, a month ago I think. So jumpa this kerek aunty a.k.a supervisor yang perasan cun dan bagus sgt. Whenever I answered her question, she will made this muka yang macam nak kena lenyek ngan my kereta kelisa. Kerja fast food restaurant je pon kut! Gaji 800++ and ask me question macam nak jadi manager. So I fed up. And near to the end, dia tanya...

"What is your biggest weaknesses"

and I answered.


Aunty kerek buat muka pelik.  "What is kreptotonat?"

and me replied with big sengih on my face.

"Its means very committed to work which is no good. You see I blah blah blah blah" *Kelentong dgn confident*

DIAAA PERCAYAAAAAAA OKKKKK!!!!! Rasa nak tergelak guling2. Tapi tahannnnnn..

Then dia tanya lagi..

"Why do you want to work here, you got degree"

"Because of krabbypatty(I made sound like konon macam high vocab) . Kerabipattieses means you are not choosy into work"

(It sounds like budak bodo cakap kan? But geram nak mampus punya pasal dekat aunty nie)
Dia nganga. "You english is very good liao"

Ok series.I burst into laughter yang gila.

This aunty makes weird face."Why you laugh laugh"

"I always laugh laugh. Happy happy liao"

Annnnnnndddd *drumrolls*

I got the job with flying colours!

kih kih kih.

kesian aunty tuh. Tuh laa sombong lagik!


renjizakura said...

kelakar dooo

sesuka hati jer ko kate kryptonite

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

lucu sungguh :)