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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Im in KL right now. Day dreaming alone in my aunt house. Doing nothing. And suddenly....

I called my fiance, forcing him to bring all his office stationery.
good boy he did. :)

This is all what I need.

Cut the paper into pieces.

 And hereee.. Flash card for si Faqeh. To learn ABC.

I made this last friday.
For the sake of taking picture of my awesome product,
I tried to find the flash card.
Faqeh just loves to play hide and seek.
I just found one in his toodle car.
Two below the cupboard.
One below the sofa.
Three on the table.
And one in the REFRIGERATOR.

and I gave up searching.
Hanya dalam gambar tu je yang mampu dicari.

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Anonymous said...

Barabgku tlg di hantar yer......xde stapler dah nie...gunting pun xde....