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Friday, August 27, 2010

What does MERDEKA means to you?

Truly speaking, MERDEKA means nothing to me. I never be a fan of any of our history book. Including Malaysia Studieess!!!. What I know about Merdeka means holiday! which I can go back balik kampung or there will be concert and bunga api in any dataran around Malaysia. Yeah! Saya anak Malaysia murtad.

So why suddenly occured to me to talk about merdeka? Meroyan kah? No!

I was sitting, watching TV and I realizes, 4 days to Merdeka, why I fell eerr empty? Macam there is no patriotism around me. I still remembered when in my 90's, our parents will hang that little Malaysia flag at top corner of theirs car. Betul kan? Some even put every states of flags or even some, they will stick that flags covered all over the car. Like macam celen to each other who having the most flags on the car. Right?

Its interesting to see all of that you know! Macam gila happening. Then, there is a convoy, where some will painting their faces, holding merdeka flag, honking the car, shouting MERDEKA all over the places. Its fun to see that! Its like, we Malaysian cherish the moment of BEBAS!

This year, ekk worst! I dont see any Malaysia flags or even Merdeka songs at any shopping complexs. All is about raya raya raya! more. I dont know la if you guys see or hear any of Merdeka flag or songs. But me, no!.


To those who read my blog, since there is not much awareness about MERDEKA, and since I cannot afford to give any flags to Malaysian (konon charity) or to be a DJ at any radio station or complexess, and since we are living in this IT world , why not we take a moment and write what does MERDEKA really means to you? Its not a contest by the way yea! Just to show our gratitude to our Malaysia that have give us peace, harmony and 1Malaysia.Oh yeah! Its a common question, but it commands and demands us to think carefully on the answer. The word Merdeka might mean so little or so much, depending on the person.

So here what Merdeka means to me. This gonna be a long post. Nyeh nyeh!

This post is totally inspired by the article that we need to mesmerize during Malaysia Studies.
You see, my dad is a Palembang + Arab. My mum, is a non-bumiputera, who is also an Arabian. I have no Malay blood in me, but however, my IC stated I am a Malay.

People who met me, will always not satisfied if I claimed myself, I am a Malay. I just smiled. They love to speaks english thinking I am a tourist from other country with me until I bukak my kecek utara. Pak Gad UTP never summons me since they think I am a foreign student. Unfortunately, makcik cafe suka charged me nasik lebih2.

I am very proud to be a Malay or even a Malaysian!

First, we are 1Malaysian. We have Malay, Chinese, Indian and others who live in a harmonious environment where we respects each other religion and culture.We have freedom! We celebrate each other festivals without avail.

Second, we are well equipped with all facilities that we have.

Third, we are moving foward everyday . we are in a high-technological age

And most importantly, we are VERY fortunate that we are practically free from natural disasters

We are blessed to be a Malaysian.

So as we are shouting Merdeka! Merdeka! and Merdeka!, what does Merdeka means to you? Write it and let me know! It will be fun!

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