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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Continued : Raya One

Tenggook!!! How adorable he is bersongkok and bersampin... *grinn*

Kehenseman beliau hanya bertahan selama 5 minit. Selepas itu, beliau bertukar kepada monster berlemuih.


Still Raya Pertama.
We went to my grandmother's house belah mum. Again, have to bermaaf maafan as usual.

The first person, my uncle, Dr Giant Hamprak Jingga. A phd doc with a 5 years old attitude.*sigh* Bersalam dengan DGHJ is just one of the most annoying thing to do but we enjoyed. heheh!. You have to go through a lot of phases/stages in order to get duit raya from him. Macam interview shell plak. pftt!

I still remembered last year, rather than giving duit raya straight to his nephews/nieces, he did cabutan bertuah. There is a few RM1, several RM5 and RM10, one RM50. We as his unfortunately-bad luck-selalu kena buli kena la pick the angpow. Me, rather lucky dapat RM10 compared to those yang dpt RM1. hee!

A lot of annoying question being asked here.

Me yang ensem dan macho cried when it came to my aunt's turn. Its not that I cried because of the mistakes  that I've done, tapi, only RM2 angpow instead RM20 to all my younger sister. Alasan : Saya sudah berkerja

OMG! My three-irritating sister masa nie, waved their RM20 and forced me to smell their money. Kurang asam!

Hek eler. Kecoh budak2 ni. Ok ok! To tell you the truth, I was crying because I just realized how much I have grown. From a budak sgt comel to a LADY yang dah nak kawen. I used to receive a lot of duit raya, but now, no more!  And I missed those moments.  And plus, I am celebrate the last raya as a SINGLE!. Sedih sioot!!!

Tapi sedih tu kejap je, when my aunt still bagi RM20. Muahahha!

Naahhh! Smell my RM22~!


Iklan sekejap.
Monster in action. Told you before!


Last but not least, macam biasa, makan besar with the whole family.

End of Raya 1.

p.s : Cik yaya sedang berseronok blogging bercerita pasal raya. Layan je laaa noo ..... Ambooiih!