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Friday, September 3, 2010


Alhamdulillah! Ramadhan totally is a bless! I received lots of interview invitation and job offers (3 actually). For 2 weeks of consideration, finally I just signed a offer letter from Murphy Oil as a Graduate Engineer that will be based in KLCC.

Let me share with you the experiences! Ahhh.. Syok sendiri nak bercerita.

I applied Murphy online from an ad in The Star paper. Within a week, they called me for an interview. The interview? Susah gilaaaaa okai! Its all about offshore! Imagine, me as a process chemical engineer kena eloborate pasal offshore in whiteboard. I went blank. Ketar-ketar. Duster jatuh la, tag jatuh la. Macam2 la.


They ask me about tank. Me p cakap pasal storage tank sampai A to Z and they actually talking about reservoir tank. They ask me about subsurface, subsea, resevoir, drilling, apa ka benda ntah which is out of my knowledge and some, i would say Whatttt is thatttt???.


Then, I was thinking, rather than talking crap and be a silly infront of them is better to be honest. kan?? So, I went honest and said to 3 MANAGERS, (field, resevoir and HR) that me dont know anything about upstream as my field is actually downstream. huhu.

They said ok, they know that i dont know. Lega?? No no no. Diorang tanya lagi, please tell me about the process happening in ESSO. Ahhh sudah! 1 year leaving ExxonMobil, mana nak ingattt! So, gagap-ishly eloborate laa.

Walaupon ada menipu sikit2. Heh! Confident tetap mau adaa! Eceh.

They asked me a lot of critical thinking stuff, which me actually merepek je banyak. I went home sedih, memberontak actually thinking of me yang x layak and the silly things I have made. Tapi kejap je, because the very next morning, I received a good news from them! wohoo!

For offshore medical checkup? my health passed berkaler-kaler terbanggg. Wehee!

Roti Bakar Telur Manis Cheeseee: Pray hard and you will get what you want with Allah willling!

Teh tarik kurang manis:
Remember this post? Its actually Infenion and KNM. Infenion is a great company! Freaking in love with this company. The working environment, the salary, the places. the people, the company, the manager yang ensem, eh! everything is good!. Freaking suka!  And they will sending me off to europe next month actually. Too bad kan?

*Rindu RBTM(C)


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

Congratulations dear =)

renjizakura said...

congrats yaya
dapat gaji nanti jangan lupa belanja

Ernie Azera said...


Kita berada di arena yang sama! :)

Maria Elena (Zarul) said...


ezzah k. said...

besnye da dpt keje!! congrats ;)

yaya said...

thanks korang! hehehe..

erney: yes we are!

Syazlie said...

Big pay! hehe my cousing works in Murphy Oil too, as a Reservoir Engineer...