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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm Sick!

I'm not good at being sick because I hate being stuck in bed with nothing to do

Ohh, I have been vomitting like crazeh (on period. not pregnant) because of the gastric.

So I've been spending myself trying to make myself pretteh.

This is what I did for my resume pikture.

Give me a bang!
Too bad, no hair saloon wanted cut my hair to this.

lady gagah version mak nyah?


doing all this makeover, reminds me with a photoshot i had with friend.
its rock cap ayam bebeh.

it is fun  to try something new and have a blast with it.


Lin Elier said...

Get well soon...!

Lawak la hang ni, sakit2 pon sempot 'makeover' lagi!!

Mesti hang thrill for wedding preparation kan... ieee... aku plak tumpang excited....

Ehh, tapi satu menda aku nak komen, bagi org rabon cam aku ni ... the background tu agak distracting whilst I'm reading your entries..... just my 2cents...OK... aku select text, baru nampak clear nak baca....

yaya said...

hehehehe kak lin!

nanti jemput2 laa to my x seberapa wedding.. hehehe..

ok cik puan.. saya dah tukar.. hehehe

Lin Elier said...

Full mark for efficiency!! Perkeja contoh betoi hang nih... heheh...

Cek buat kat mana wedding? Kl ka Penang?

yaya said...

yess!! kat penang!

datang laa.. boleh balik kg skali.. :)