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Monday, December 20, 2010

I am so proud of my hands!

I know I know! Its too early to show off. But this amoi sgt excited to share with you guys of my wedding invitation cards! Well it is only for VIP a.k.a FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY yow!

Since diorang sgt special in my life and my important guest thus special card is for them! *wink*

I know I am not thatttt creative but unfortunately I am obsessed with DIY thinggy.  It tooks me 2 full days of my weekend to this occay! Luckily my fiancee and friends so sayang me come to my rescue! :) *heart them*

So tell me what you think wey!! Ok or not?

Malu ok nak tunjuk. I know its not AWESOME. :(

It is only 50% ready! huwaaa!

ok ke?


Cik Belle said...

wow! lovelyyy! creative sangat u! =)

Lin Elier said...

yer laa! Cantik n sangat comel... i like!!

yaya said...

wahh!!! cik belle! thank you!!!

kak lin : bila dah abis buat.. i think my card is not gorgeous enuf.. hehehe.. nak second opinion.. :P

humairah said...

cantik.. sweetttttt~