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Sunday, December 12, 2010



I turned myself to hulk this weekend. It is indeed a busy weekend for me.


I am tired. There are too much wedding stuff need to settle. And I am wayyyyyy behind the schedule.
I need to fast track everything since I'm off to laut for a month this coming christmas.


So who going to handle my weds stuff while I am away?

Of course, no one.


I am another 900 cranes to lipat.
I havent attend khusus kahwin yet.
I havent book tok kadi yet.
I havent book catering yet
I havent book canopy yet.
I havent find tandang dress yet.
I havent mandi yet. Eh?

Errr... hurmm.

Wedding stuff is stressfull!!! Or life after weds going to be 10 times extra stressfull?


I want to cry!
I need comfort.




Anonymous said...

you can do itt!!!!!

Pinky said...

lol! relax babe! all the best!

congrats btw~! so happy for u! =D