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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Technip, anyone?

I had a lunch with Process Manager Technip just now, so we talk and talk and talk and tiba2 he offers me a job there. Heee! Shell pon tiba2 call tanya dah kerja ke blom 2 days ago? Apekah??

Rezeki rezeki rezeki. Alhamdulillah.

But unfortunately, I have to decline since I've already fall in love with Murphy. he he he.

Ok back to our lunch earlier.

I told him that a few of my friends is still unemployed and still looking for a job, if he would be kind enough to hired them (my friend).Then dia bising with the bonding with PETRONAS. I explain him not to worry because some of them have been released by PETRONAS and some, the recomendation period will be end soon. So there is no way they will be going to PETRONAS back.

Then dia bising of UTP student being fussy with the salary. Err for your info, gaji technip agak sikit compared to other O&G company. I explained lagi, not to worry, most of my friends are looking forward for technical and challenging environment. They are very ecstatic and enthusiast. As long as you can provide them a challenging environment, I dont think so they will be hesitate to work with your organization. (Pepandai aku je kan?)

I can see his face brighten up.

I added, "You dont have to worry, they are all very excellent, CGPA are all above 3. They all are just bonded with PETRONAS .. thats all. And you can give them a try by interview. "

And he gave me his bussiness card. Wuhuuu!!

Oii.. Penat ok pujuk orang tua nih. Kalau dpt technip, sila belanja Chilis!

You can always PM me in facebook since I dont think so it is appropriate for me to put his email address in my blog. :)

p/s : I told you all of this sebab would like to let you know, how a company are very insecure to take a UTP student. No more than that.

Sape-sape yang rasa boleh cari sendiri, silakan. Saya tolong2 saja.


bellabelon said...

betul lah yaya..semalam kte intrview delcom. lpas dia tau kte bonded, trus dia stop interview T_T

nak try technip ni boleh?

renjizakura said...

student um x boleh ker?

humairah said...

nak jugak, tp dlu dah anta resume, but xdilayan..

kayleisha said...

yaya, aku nak try jugak. keja IBM ni best tapi ingat nk gune jugak technical skill. nnt aku message ko thru fb inbox. aku ni jpa skolar, agak2 die bole accept tak?

anaztasias aira said...

all the besh dear =)