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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Anak dato? Oh Puhlease!

semenjak menjak nak kawen, everyday i workout ok! g gym every morning at 6.30 am and pm, but after gym, menkedarah nasi lemak x ingat. 200 cal out , 500 cal in. conclusion : result yang sungguh lagi memberangsangkan. la la la

note: menkedarah : makan x ingat ingat.

so in the shower gym, i met this one lady, agak poyo but agak cun dan agak hot. ok fine. Biasalaa, if you met new people basically, confirm you will smile, buat muka konon friendly and blah, kadang2 friendly talk watsoever that is relevan. This is what i did for this amoi. I smiled at her, tapi ampeh, she replied with mukaaa mmg macam pisang kena lenyek.

ok fineeeeeee!!! maybe dia tak nampak this cute face tgh senyum dekat dia.

i did my shower and went to my locker which is coincidentally my locker infront of this amoi. kuarkan all my deodarant, bedak, all those thing including my fair and lovely cream. biasalaa.. muka hitam kena bagi putih bila time2 nak kawen macamni.

so tgh angkat tangan, sedap pakai deodarant, this lady ni plak tiba2 approach me, "Hi! I am Shakira Dato Razali."(bukan nama sebenar). ye tak pon nak buat friendly, cuba laa approach time elok2 sikit. ni tgh angkat ketiak pakai deodorant kut and wtf i care about your bapak dato?

alright alright! fine!

I was like to reply  " Hi, I'm Shariffah Tan Sri Paduka Baginda Prof Dr Syed Hussin" when I realized buat apa layan this minah kerek . And I just replied, "Hello, Im Shariffah" instead.

and dia tanya where I work, my position, my status bla bla bla and bla. She is an accontant.

ok abis sembang. and its time for me to apply my fair and lovely cream when tiba2 this amoi datang balik "ehh you, pakai fair and lovely je, no wonder muka you banyak jerawat" with smirking face " I pakai XX , bagus you tau, tgk muka I". ehhhhh! how dare dia insult my fair and lovely and my jerawat!"

XX - jenama yang agak pames dan sgt mahal

agak cil**a kan?

so dgn selamba dan dgn muka terkejut "Ohhh my god, you use thiss productt!!! You must not hear the news, it is proven to give you cancer in minimum 5 years time!,".

since dia accountant. and since she knows I am chemical engineer.

"You see, (sambil tunjuk ingredients), back in university we did a research, using FTIR it says it is proven contain metylparaben (apa ntah i merepek masa tu) and we test it to rat, and it dies in 2 months time!"

NOTE: methyl paraben is a chemical that is truly will cause you cancer with maximal usage according to US research (this t6pic is actually my technical presentation during PCS). tapi part yang buat research2 tuh menipu je.

you should see this amoi face. red and shock!

it is not actually my intention to lie. but tolong laa! not everyone in this earth are as fortunate as you. able to buy fancy clothes, branded handbags and cosmetics. beli laa as many as you want, we dont mind, but please, dont show off! people will love you as long you are humble and down to earth

i wonder why this lady nak show off, bila dah terang terangan i make more money than her?


humairah said...

pantang mak nenek org tego pasai jerawat..
btw, gud job yaya!
proud to learn chemical engineering! yeeaaahh~

yaya said...

hahaha.. kita kena praktik kan apa yang kita belajar... although in a wrong way.. :P

Lin Elier said...

Penangan baik punya!! Hahahah!!
Hamikk ko!
I pon allergic ngan ppl who thinks they're above others just becoz they have title....

lin said...

wondering how do you know that you make more money than she does?

kekunang said...

poyo je...susah org yang suka show off ni..

yaya said...

lin : because she told me her salary... which I also wonder whyyyy!!

kekunang : yerp.. poyo!